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  1. Ed Fasano

    Oneway #2721 Wood Lathe Tool Rest

    Oneway #2721 six-inch comfort tool rest for larger (14, 16, 18") wood lathes. This rest fit well on a Jet lathe with an 18" swing. Post diameter is 1". Post length is 4¾". The overall height is 6 3/4". Ductile iron, powder-coated. Made in Canada. Like new. No dings and no moving parts, so...
  2. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels $85.00 Excellent bench chisels! The condition of each is better than new, as I’ve done the grunt work of flattening and polishing the backs. You can save some money, time, and effort because these classic socket handles, popularized by Stanley and...
  3. Ed Fasano

    Jointer Knife Sharpening Jig

    Shop-crafted Deulen / Quik Hone-style jointer knife sharpening jig $15.00 (local pickup) $22.00 (shipped prepaid within Continental US via USPS) Eliminate down-time of sending jointer knives away for sharpening. Enables the easy and inexpensive "scary sharp" sandpaper sharpening method for...
  4. Ed Fasano

    A New Block Plane

    This essence of this will be no surprise to most of you... I own and extensively use 15 various hand planes and spoke shaves. Like most of you, I learned long ago that with rare exception, planes and their blades, new or used, require fettling, flattening, polishing and honing before they can...
  5. Ed Fasano

    CBN Wheel Grits

    I have a pair of CBN wheels from Woodturners Wonders in transit. I ordered a 350g Mega Square and a 180g 4-in-1. 95% of their use will be turning tool sharpening. Now, with the proverbial wheels in motion, I'm having second thoughts about the 350g wheel. Should I have ordered the 600? Am I...
  6. Ed Fasano

    Recent turnings

    I spent two days last December with Stuart Kent at the North Carolina Furniture School in Farmville. It was two days well spent and well worth the cost. I'm still working on becoming a better turner and working too to justify the cost of the new lathe (Jet 1840EVS). Some successes and some...
  7. Ed Fasano

    Air Compressor - Facebook Marketplace

    Just FYI If you are looking for an excellent air compressor, this is a great find. I bought this exact machine last year and am very happy with it. Very quiet (compared with typical compressors). Good small shop capacity and small vertical footprint. At $165, it’s a very good value. Happy new...
  8. Ed Fasano

    Poor Man's Hoist

    I don’t know how much a Jet 1840EVS lathe headstock weighs, but it’s clearly more than my senior body could dead lift onto the lathe bed. After considering that most of my friends are my age with varying knee and shoulder issues and some head-scratching, I came up with what I hoped was a...
  9. Ed Fasano

    North Carolina Furniture School

    Just an FYI and a shout-out to/for Stuart Kent at The North Carolina Furniture School in Farmville, NC. I attended his 2-day Hollow Form Woodturning Level 1 Masterclass on November 21 and 22. The class was exactly what I needed to move on to hollow vessel turning. Stuart is a highly skilled...
  10. Ed Fasano

    Jet JWL1236 Lathe For Sale

    Visit the Marketplace Forum
  11. Ed Fasano

    Spring Shop Cleaning – For Sale

    Spring Shop Cleaning – For Sale Perhaps you can finish what I started. Maybe you can use these new parts to achieve a different and superior outcome. A (new) Lee Valley sealed ball bearing double-ended mandrel and a (new) ¼ hp 1,720 rpm Delta (8” drill press) motor are at the heart of my...
  12. Ed Fasano

    HELP - Raffle Tickets

    Help Despite my best and repeated efforts, I cannot complete an order for raffle tickets. The card is good elsewhere, so... Ed Fasano
  13. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Spring Shop Cleaning – Honing Contraption For Sale

    Spring Shop Cleaning – For Sale Perhaps you can finish what I started. Maybe you can use these new parts to achieve a different and superior outcome. A (new) Lee Valley sealed ball bearing double-ended mandrel and a (new) ¼ hp 1,720 rpm Delta (8” drill press) motor are at the heart of my...
  14. Ed Fasano

    Veritas Prices!

    I was shocked today to see what folks were bidding for Veritas low angle block planes on eBay. I was shocked until I double-checked the Lee Valley prices. It looks like there have been two price jumps in the last few months! The latest change (in the past few days) took the DX60 (with a PMV-11...
  15. Ed Fasano

    Small(ish) Compressors

    FYI for those interested in a small(ish) shop compressor… I wanted to replace my aging Devilbiss pancake compressor. My space is limited, so that narrowed my search. I did quite a bit of searching and researching. For whatever it’s worth, my conclusions included these ramblings… The nearly...
  16. Ed Fasano

    Freud SD508 Dado Set Accuracy

    I am using an undamaged and sharp Freud SD508 dado set (on a 3HP General 350 cabinet saw). I use it now and again for 1/2" box joints in ¾’ stock and for off-sized plywood. It has worked fine in those applications. The other day, for the first time, I needed to plough for some T-track...
  17. Ed Fasano

    Fuji Spray HVLP Systems - Revisited

    I am late to what is now a closed thread on Fuji Spray system questions started by Chris C. Unless it breaks protocol, I am reviving the topic here. I opted for the Fuji Mini-Mite 3 about 3 years ago. I wanted to try HVLP on a Hoosier-style cabinet I built for my daughter. There are some images...
  18. Ed Fasano

    General T350 Table Saw Help

    Any General 3HP T350 (made-in-Canada, circa 1994) table saw experts out there? I'd like to connect with someone well-versed in the inner-workings of this particular machine. Specifically, I have questions about (1) re-aligning (locating) the fore and aft trunion cradles to their factory...
  19. Ed Fasano

    Bandsaw Blade Ignorance

    OMG! I’ve never broken a bandsaw blade and have been using an assortment of Timberwolf blades on my French-made Kity 613 for who knows how many years. Something prompted me to take a closer look at the teeth with a 10xloupe. It seems that I’ve been rubbing wood apart. Granted, I don’t re-saw...
  20. Ed Fasano

    Bowl Gouge Grinding Help

    I have a sense that I know what I’m doing wrong, but I’d be most grateful for some experienced guidance. My efforts to put a 50-degree bevel on a new bowl gouge have yielded what I’ll call a scalloped sweep, wherein the bevel is something other than uniform at the leading edge. It almost as if...

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