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    ''Dewalt 735 stopped,

    Today I was planning some red oak and I was not working the machine hard. During the planning of some pieces, the motor seemed to stumble, like it was loosing power, and I shut the machine off. I know that there is a restart button, which I waited the required amount of time to push reset and...
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    Suggestion on Hold Fasts

    I am looking to buy my first hold fasts for a new bench I am building (pictures to come on the process). I have seen discussions on various suppliers and types on this site in the past. Could you direct me to a supplier of hold fasts that you have found and like. My bench top is 4 inches thick...
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    Delta 10" Hybrid Saw trouble

    I have a Delta Hybrid table saw that I bought from a friend, which he bought new in 2006. Ir isa 1.75 hp motor set up for 240 volt, single phase, The brand on the motor says Delta. It has not been used heavily over the years. I am in the process of building a new work bench and I was using it...
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    Suggestions on Finishing a Cedar Deck

    We have been working on building a deck and walkway at our church. We are at the point of putting a finish on it. We used PT for the framing and Western Red Cedar for the deck boards, facia and hand rails. The general thought has been to stain the cedar with a color that would tie into the...
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    Delta Hybrid S

    Delta Hybrid Saw Set Up Rate this Entry 0 Comments by badger fan , 01-13-2016 at 02:32 PM (1 Views) I have purchased a 10" Hybrid table saw that was new in 2008 and has not been used very much at all. I wanted to be sure and set the saw up or check the set up to insure that everything is good...

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