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  1. Skymaster

    Rope or Cord

    poly comes in a variety of colors and is weather resistant
  2. Skymaster

    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    I would make ALL 110 outlets 20A. Run nothing less than 12ga for all outlets, strictly lights you can go 15a especially leds
  3. Skymaster

    Looking for a sawyer, in NW Raleigh

    Jack murdock saw4you right here on forum
  4. Skymaster

    Looking for somebody to engrave or burn something

    ok will do please delete . Aslo what happened to our message edit?
  5. Skymaster

    Fixing formica counter

    home depot buy cheap top
  6. Skymaster

    HiPURFORMER Advanced Bonding System

    If not spoken for I will take them
  7. Skymaster

    Squaring dilemma - Jointer

    I keep my left hand on the bottom pushing against the fence and my right pushing thru while keep it against the top.Fence MUST be square, only have enough cutter exposed to cut the width you are cutting. My jointer has european style guard which covers all the cutter not being used for the cut
  8. Skymaster

    Heat sterilizing lumber?

    Scott Smith right here on the forum
  9. Skymaster

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    3.5 ish for me AND I have a truck, have to empty my enclosed trailer/storage. Definitely interested for urn material pretty hefty pile there
  10. Skymaster

    CNC Desktop Machines.....Worth Buying??

    Just a thought for you. You say your needs are small, BELIEVE ME I dont own cnc but once you get it up and running,in a very very short time, the I WISH syndrome is kicking in. Go as big as you can afford even if you need to take payments,or up your budget. Software is the bugger, I have...
  11. Skymaster

    Amana Plug Cutters

    More than welcome my friend.In case you are not familiar with Amana tools, they are right in the middle of cadilliac
  12. Skymaster

    Amana Plug Cutters

    You get BOTH tapered and straight plug cutters I say BUY the set, i priced individual cutters and 3 cost as much as the set!!!!!! So what if you do not use them all, at some point knowing you have them you can play with them and learn more about using plugs in general. You can design around...
  13. Skymaster

    Bridge City Angle master 1

    Way Way above my pay grade
  14. Skymaster


  15. Skymaster

    Amana Plug Cutters

    Only thing to think about is the straight plugs, never seem to work, tapered plugs are the only way to go, that said that is a really good price. you do get both so HAPPY NEW YEAR. ahh HERE IS INFO, you can buy letter and number drill bits which will you to find the perfect size where the...
  16. Skymaster

    Interesting Butcher Block request

    Bob FANTASTIC Idea, 3/8 holes, of course counterbored ends BUT NO CLAMPS!!! glue em as you slip over rods when all on snug the nuts tap everybody flat tighten let dry

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