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  1. danw

    New guitar

    Haven't been around here lately, but have been in a the shop a lot as well as building some pole barns and other farm related projects. Finally got around to finishing this one. Flat top made of spanish cedar. Arched back and sides of birdseye maple. Ebony parts and binding. Oil finish. I had...
  2. danw

    Rifle stock

    Finally got around to finishing my sks stock out of maple. It was definitely a challenge. I did make some changes from the original. I added about an inch of length to the butt. I also changed the grip shapes to my liking. The maple is heavier, but I am ok with that. I don't think it came out...
  3. danw

    Why not a couple more guitars

    First up a burnt Basswood bodied guitar inspired by a Dean Ml. Maple neck with ebony bound walnut fingerboard. 1 pickup, 1 volume. 25 1/2 in scale 24 fret. Oil finish.Bolt On neck. Sorry for the sideways pictures. I have tried everything, anytime I upload pics from my iPad they always upload...
  4. danw

    Always guitars

    Been building a lot of guitars lately. Here is the latest. Body is 1 piece curly maple. 3 piece curly maple neck. Ebony fingerboard with maple binding. Nitro lacquer finish. Electronics consists of 2 volume controls and a 3 way switch. 25 1/2 in scale length.
  5. danw

    First pistol grip

    This was the first time I've tried to make a pistol grip. I don't think it came out too bad.
  6. danw

    Good use of maple slab

    A customer asked me to make a shelf for his monitor speakers to sit on in his recording studio. Just so happened to find some 12/4 live edge curly spalted maple that was perfect. Made some simple brackets that had isolation padding and fit over the meter bridge. Simple oil finish.
  7. danw

    What? An Oak guitar?

    Spalted oak on mahogany body and neck. Ebony fingerboard. Oil finish. Nothing fancy. Sorry for the horrible photos.
  8. danw

    Been crazy busy

    Been awhile since I posted anything. I have been really busy. Here are the latest builds. First a sg shaped guitar with mahogany back and neck, lignum vitae fretboard and figured marri top. Next a burnt solid pine body tele with maple neck and pale moon ebony fretboard. Then a heavily carved...
  9. danw

    Rustic wall unit

    I decided I needed to abandon the two dressers that I used in my bedroom and make a wall mounted unit to give myself more storage. We have small closets, so this was a no brainer. So I told the wife my plan and she agreed hesitantly. I wanted boxes on top with doors and four drawers on the...
  10. danw

    Not exactly fine woodworking but....

    I don't think this would be considered fine woodworking but it absolutely amazing nonetheless. A friend of mine made this chainsaw carving for me out of a 4 foot long hollow hickory log he found on the side of the road. I am friends with some really talented people, but this one blew me away. I...
  11. danw

    Walnut banjo

    Here's another banjo from figured walnut. Ebony parts. Still working on the finish, so no completed pics.
  12. danw


    A while back, many months, I posted a thread asking for chisel recommendations. With many useful responses it made more choices than before I asked. It took a long time to decide and I wanted to use them a while before I revealed my choice so I would have an opinion on them. I have always...
  13. danw

    New guitar

    I know, I know. Another new guitar. Build something else, why don't cha. Maple top. Mahogany back and neck. Ebony fretboard with maple binding.
  14. danw

    Banjo build

    Got asked to build a banjo so I designed and built this one. It combines an arch top guitar style body with banjo neck.. Fir top. Maple back, sides, and neck. Walnut binding and fretboard. Ipe nut and bridge. Metal tail. Pickguard mounted pickup with hidden volume and tone controls. Leather...
  15. danw

    Tool Gloat

    Just picked up this new to me Jet table saw. Now I got to figure out where to put it.
  16. danw

    Why I do what I do

    This guitar is why I do what I do. This is a 1913 Gibson L3 archtop acoustic that belonged to my grandfather. The story he gave me was that he received the guitar from someone in church sometime in the 30's, when he was a kid. He let someone borrow it. They dropped it in a creek while...
  17. danw

    Got featured article for bass this week

    I got recognized for a different bass from a different website this week.
  18. danw

    New bass

    Been a while since I've posted any builds. Haven't had time to build anything. Whipped this one together the past few weeks. 5 string fretted bass. Sapele back and neck. Spalted maple top. Some kind of ebony fretboard that I found in the scrap bin at klingspor.
  19. danw


    In the market for a new set of chisels. Any recommendations? Any to stay away from? Likes and dislikes?
  20. danw

    A couple small projects

    Sometimes its not about that big, extravagant project. Sometimes you just have to make something that you need. I dont do this often. Small tapered leg table and stand for a computer monitor.

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