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    Bandsaw drift

    +1 on the woodcraft bands. I just tried them out based on recommendations in another post here. I'm pretty new to the bandsaw but they seem to be on par with the timberwolf blades I tried. I have a 17" grizzly also and set up using the Snodgrass method. I have not had issues with drift...
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    Bradford pear

    I'd be interested also. Or some pieces to make planks out of. I work in Winston
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    Another game of tree identification

    I'm not sure how long it had been cut down for but it was laying around in the person's yard and then in my driveway for a few weeks before I got to it
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    Another game of tree identification

    Thanks for the suggestions. That coloring is present throughout the whole piece. Is sap wood more susceptible to rot? It still feels really solid and not spongey
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    Another game of tree identification

    I was really surprised when I cut into it. I can't wait to use it. It will be used for some boxes at some point
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    Another game of tree identification

    Hi all. I picked up some free wood and have been resawing into planks to start drying out. I'm not sure what species it is though. My thoughts were some kind of hickory or pecan maybe? I don't have pictures of the leaves or fruits. Any help is appreciated!
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    Free Rolls of Laminate on CLT CL

    I might be interested in what you don't use. I'm in mt.pleasant, not too far from Kannapolis
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    Raleigh to Charlotte Metro Area

    Thanks. I'll be in Cary next weekend visiting my parents anyway. It'll probably be easier if I swing by Phil's and pick it up since I'll be close by, already cleared it with him. If I need to bring anyone else's item back to the Charlotte area next weekend let me know.
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    Raleigh to Charlotte Metro Area

    Raymond, I plan on picking up my item next weekend and coming back into town on the 24th. I live in mt. Pleasant. I could bring yours back too if you'd like, but not sure if have Christmas activities going on that evening. Let me know
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    Getting tree from construction site

    Thanks. Worst they can say is no i guess. the diameter is about 1 ft give or take for the section that i can see. I plan on cutting the log into sections about 18" or so and then resawing those into boards. I'd be using the lumber for making boxes and small items
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    Getting tree from construction site

    Good morning all. I have a question about getting a tree from a construction site that's on my way to work. They recently cleared some trees and there's a few hardwoods (one looks like walnut or hickory but hard to tell from far away) I assume I could ask for the foreman or super...
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    Piedmont Hardwood - Mt. Pleasant

    John, I live in Mt. Pleasant, but I haven't bought anything from Piedmont. I'm not entirely sure, but it seems like they mainly do large lots of construction lumber. I usually get my lumber from Miller Lumber Co. which is basically just around the corner from Piedmont. Lee and the rest of...
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    Grizzly 14" bandsaw- CLT CL

    Is this a good deal? I've been considering getting a bandsaw and hoping to get a good used one instead of new
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    Old Cordless Tools?

    another vote for lithium ion. I have the porter cable drill and impact 20v lithium ion for about 2-3 years and shows no sign of wearing out (its hobby use though, so doesnt get used daily). Also, on another note, the PC tools and black & decker 20v tools use the same battery design - you just...
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    Commissioned work advice

    Catching up on all the replies in the last day or 2. Thanks all for the great advice! I'm not quite at the point where I want to make this an official business - maybe in the future if this goes well and others are interested in anything. I don't count on it paying the bills, but it would be...
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    Commissioned work advice

    Thanks. Raymond, I was thinking about doing something similar - figure out what kind of design they want, then try to find something similar (some of those are upwards of $2000) then give them an estimate of $XXX Henry, since i'm not running a business/production shop, I'm basically viewing my...
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    Commissioned work advice

    Hi All. I have a question about doing commissioned work. I recently finished building a murphy bed and have had a few folks interested in putting one in their house. It would probably be a similar design to the one I made with a few tweaks. A rough estimate for wood/hardware would be around...
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    Cedar for turning/bandsaw?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it a shot. 2 more questions: 1. Is there a general rule about what the moisture content should be for turning bowls? 2. what is a good finish for keeping the reddish color of cedar?
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    Cedar for turning/bandsaw?

    Hi all. I had some cedar logs that have been stored behind my shed for a year or 2. I decided to mill it up, paint the end grain, stack/sticker and let it start drying out. I got a cheapo moisture meter from HF, but not too sure on how accurate it is. However it has been pretty consistent at...
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    2018 NCWW Raffle Tickets On Sale - Drawing at Picnic on May 19th

    I saw the thread stating the picnic is at the Seaforth shelter at Jordan lake, but I never saw a time. Could someone let me know what time it will be? I'd like to come if nothing is going on that day (as it usually goes, I don't find out about plans until the day before or so. Or maybe I just...

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