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  1. jcz

    Getting close

    I posted a few months ago about breaking ground on a new shop. Well, they finally got it put together last month and I’ve moved in some of the junk that was collected in the garage. We can now park 2 cars in our garage again and I have plenty of space for the new shop tools. Next big step is to...
  2. jcz

    New shop

    My wife and I built our home 5 years years ago. I’ve been using the garage as my work shop. Well, won’t be long now and I’ll have a dedicated work shop for all my needs. I put some money down on a 24x45 with a lean to on the long side. It will be a metal building on concrete slab. Fully...
  3. jcz

    Mahogany door finish

    We changed out our painted front door and vinyl side windows for an all mahogany entrance into the house. One coat of stain has been applied to darken it up a bit. Now I need to apply a finish to it. I was originally thinking a few coats of spar would do the job but am wondering what you all...
  4. jcz

    Recent turnings

    Been on vacation and decided to get back on the lathe since I was just sitting around the house all week. Cocobola bowl I started a couple years ago. The wood was too wet to finish then. Sanded to 2000 grit and couple coats of BLO rubbed in. Cherry mallet with tung oil duck call with some...
  5. jcz

    Cedar daybed

    Here are a few pics of the day bed I have been working on the last week or so. I met up with Scott Smith a couple weeks ago and we processed the cedar boards to get them to the right dimensions. Got them all cut up and put together. Love the smell of cedar. Need to get the wife to order the...
  6. jcz

    Cutting board question

    I see most cutting board threads say they are made from end grain blocks. Is this a must? I mostly turn my projects but would like to give a cutting board a try.
  7. jcz

    Desk pics as promised

    Sorry it took so long to get decent pics of the desktop. I posted the work in progress pics a while back and just now have got the chance to take these. Moving into the new house has been keeping me very busy the past few weeks. Walnut with cherry and cypress inlays.
  8. jcz

    Wildfowl whistles

    I was asked to send in some of my duck calls for an upcoming article being put together on duck whistles. I got these turned out this past weekend. Just have to figure out which I want to send in.
  9. jcz

    walnut desktop

    Some of you may remember a few weeks ago FredP helped me get some walnut planks ready for a build. Well here is what I have been able to make from that stock. It is a desktop the is going under the staircase inside our new home. Walnut with cherry and cypress inlay. View image in gallery...
  10. jcz

    Thank you FredP!!

    I would like to send out a big THANK YOU to FredP!! He invited me to his shop and cut down and straightened all the walnut planks I plan to use for my new desktop. Now I just hope I can put it all together and make it look as good as it does in my mind. (that could be dangerous) If I can...
  11. jcz

    Planner help

    I am in need of a planner. I do not usually do flat wood work. I mostly turn my projects round. I have some walnut I want to use to make a desktop for our new house. I was originally thinking I could laminate the pieces together and use my sander to smooth the surfaces out. After spending some...
  12. jcz

    stair planks?

    Guys I have not been very active here as of late. Life in general has gotten ahold of all my shop time. I have not had much of a chance to do anything wood related in a few months. I have checked in here from time to time to drool over some of the beautiful pieces you guys are working on. A...
  13. jcz

    Some of my latest turnings.

    Here are a few duck calls I finished up this weekend. From left to right. African blackwood and cocobola, ABW and kingwood, ABW and hedge, hegde and cherry burl. All finished with CA
  14. jcz

    Hunting knife

    View image in gallery Here is a knife I made myself. Its is a damacus blade with african blackwood handle and mosaic pins. The pics dont show the true beauty of the knife. View image in gallery
  15. jcz

    Got a little turning in this weekend

    Here is a african blackwood duck and goose call I finished up over the weekend. The duck call is my normal shape and design but the goose flute is the first one Ive done. Drilling the exhaust out was a chore. It finished up nicely though. View image in gallery
  16. jcz

    Router bits?

    I have never had a router and only used a borrowed one a couple times. Im going to have to learn the ins and outs by trial and error. Now to get started I need to get some bits. I am looking into getting this set from MLCS...
  17. jcz

    base for duck mount

    Here is the base I turned for the pintail Im having mounted. It is 9 diameter, walnut with african blackwood center. The taxidermist is putting the mount on the smallest piece of driftwood he can so I can mount it to this. 8 coats of tru oil for finish. View image in gallery View image in gallery
  18. jcz

    Spalted wood needed

    Im still kinda new here and still learning my way around so if this is in the wrong section Im sorry. I am in need of some spalted wood 1''x4''x4''. If you have some that I could get I would appreciate it alot. I have a guy that wants me to make a turkey call for him. Id love to get more than...
  19. jcz

    turkey calls

    I promised some pics for you guys and here they are. These are the calls I was able to get done in the last 2 weeks. I have 7 more that are done I just need to make up the strikers to go with them. Thanks for looking. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery...
  20. jcz

    First post with pictures

    Here is my first post with a picture of some of my work. I made this call for my mother in law for her birthday. Its purpleheart with spalted maple and aluminum accents and a stippled stainless band with a CA finish. Also got a cross cut bacote call done today. It has a stainless steel band...

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