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  1. charlessenf

    Pattern material to use

    I've use 'whatever was at hand' for patterns over the years. Last was a Rooster cut out of a piece of 1/4" blue plastic and another was a fence picket I used to make a all the other fence pickets. Nothing too soft - it is a 'roadway' for the bearing and you may be bearing down on it a bit...
  2. charlessenf

    Wanted 33.25" x 1.75" x 4.5" piece of hard wood in LENOIR, NC --- CLOVER, SC

    Date: Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 11:16 AM Subject: Wood 33.25" x 4.5" x 1.75" Hey Charles, We currently do not have anything in the form of cutoffs that meet the dimensions you need. I am hoping to get another load of it in here in the next couple of weeks. Sorry about that, but keep us in mind and we...
  3. charlessenf

    Anybody know what these are?

    Years ago I bought a kit to build a sander. Lots of metal parts and plans for the wooden parts the hobbyist (me) was to cut out and assemble. If you are interested, I'll take pics of what's in the box and post them here.
  4. charlessenf

    Wanted 33.25" x 1.75" x 4.5" piece of hard wood in LENOIR, NC --- CLOVER, SC

    Hmmmm, petrified wood! Now, that would be durable. But difficult to work, no? I had no idea where Lexington, NC was. So I Bing'd it and came up with a generic route (one town to another) Via US-64 that clocks in at three hours for the round trip and twenty-seven bucks for fuel. Presently, I...
  5. charlessenf

    Wanted 33.25" x 1.75" x 4.5" piece of hard wood in LENOIR, NC --- CLOVER, SC

    ". . . if Stair Treads came in 1.75" thickness as OAK . . . " Apologies for the innocent misdirection. I am NOT building stairs. I mentioned Oak Stair Treads 'cause I'd seen them for sale in LOWES and thought "They might come in seven or eight quarters thickness." Checked today, the treads at...
  6. charlessenf

    Wanted 33.25" x 1.75" x 4.5" piece of hard wood in LENOIR, NC --- CLOVER, SC

    33.25" x 1.75" x 4.5" is the finished size. I do not have a Joiner I do have a 735 planer and TS and Router. So, I need one flat face to start! I put Lenoir -->> Clover as I travel that route (down 321 usually) and hoped to find something within reasonable travel time. Would you call it three...
  7. charlessenf

    New Reduced Price For Sale - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

    Delete that! You price it fair and wait. You do not want to sound desperate! I have no idea what the lather is worth, however, I regularly watch the GovDeals Auctions and am regularly surprised at the prices 'stuff' brings! Esp 'cause the Government Agencies make no effort to 'Sell' (show...
  8. charlessenf

    A box of planes...

    Pure Citric Acid, 5 Pound - Food Grade & Non-GMO- Natural Food Preservative, All Purpose Cleaning Agent, Beauty Ingredient- by Spicy World Brand: Spicy World Price: $14.99 ($0.19 / Ounce)...
  9. charlessenf

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    First, nice job - a craftsman did it! Second: Our chickens at the insulation on our factory insulated GD and the price for a section of that foam was "just too much!" I went with the Green stuff from Lowes - slipped nicely in place. The Basement and Shop doors are old fashioned low headroom...
  10. charlessenf

    Track saw question

    Over the years I've owned several 10 in. table saws and none 'required' 220VAC. Some had motors that could be wired for 120 or 220 VAC.
  11. charlessenf

    Track saw question

    Actually, I thought a trac saw could cut bevels nicely. Think I saw it done on Ask This Old House recently. For cutting along the 96" dimension of a three quarter inch sheet of plywood, a six hundred dollar track saw makes things look so easy. But, when you've gotten along without one for sixty...
  12. charlessenf

    Brand new CMT dado set

    If it retails for 5X as much and is brand new and the fella that bought his TS didn't want it . . . and the seller offers no phone number . . . Caveat Emptor! Now, I'd be all over it as well, were I not hours West of the purported location! (Albeit, carefully!) PS Googling CMT 8" Dado Sets, I...
  13. charlessenf

    Statesville, NC: Planer Saw, Heavy Duty Wood Shaper, Molding Edger/Wood Planer, Delta cut-ff saw

    Its a wonder we educate anyone in NC when our school system can't describe the equipment they bought and are nw offering at auction. It appears that the equipment is good, fine r better thought the descriptions may have been composed by someone for whom English is a second language and wood...
  14. charlessenf

    Plywood for Beach Garage Cabinets?

    "...cabinets that will be mounted in a garage ..." Relax. One easy lesson would be to find some new construction in a similar area and look at teh constructuin materials used to build the houses. Then, just go on down to a Big, Medium or Small Box and buy the thickness you need. If you are...
  15. charlessenf

    Two Rockwell/Delta wood turning lathes and assorted tools

    Really folks, this isn't facebook, is it?
  16. charlessenf

    LOADS of WOOD @ ReStore Wilkesboro

    Someone donated a couple of 'pallets' of rough sawn lumber to the Wilkesboro Habitat ReStore - been a few days - just thought of it while posting the GOV DEALS on the Morganton lathes. Stuff was eight plus feet long piled outside and more (shorter) stuff inside. Sorry, I can not (reliably) tell...
  17. charlessenf

    This Deal Keeps Getting Worse!!!

    BTW Just Discovered they offer 10% Discount to Vets - on sale prices, too.
  18. charlessenf

    Two Rockwell/Delta wood turning lathes and assorted tools

    In Morganton, NC Two (2) Rockwell/Delta wood turning lathes and assorted tools - Two (2) Rockwell/Delta wood turning lathes and assorted tools. Both units are 110 volt, single phase units. These units are being stored at an alternate location and will need to be picked up. Listed...
  19. charlessenf

    Auction Sale

    Saturday, December 14th, 2019 at 10am Auction Has Been Canceled Preview: Day of Sale starting at 8am PUBLIC AUCTION Selling Wood Working Machinery, Forklift, Air Compressors, Tools, Wood, and Raw Materials. 3209 NC Hwy 24/27 Midland, NC 28107 Due to circumstances beyond our control, this...

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