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  1. danw

    WTB or Trade for Mini mill

    I have the grizzly g0781 that I use daily. Great machine for the money.
  2. danw

    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    1/2 in chisel
  3. danw

    How to cut this...

    Its been a while since I made my rifle stock by I think I did mine on the router table to remove the bulk and fine tuned with hand tools.
  4. danw

    bench chisels deal at Woodcraft

    I have had a set of these for years. They do need sharpening more often, but are fine for general use. I still use them as my beater set. No complaints for the price.
  5. danw

    Guitar or Lute Making Question

    Maple. Mahogany and Rosewood are most common. I have also bent cherry, oak, ebony and walnut. 3/32 is a good thickness to start with.
  6. danw

    Who has a shop dog?

  7. danw

    Walnut and other wood in Durham

    I have used his lumber as well. Definitely recommend.
  8. danw

    Painting many Interior doors - Advice

    Dont go wagner. Ive had one of these for years. If you don't want to buy, you can always rent.
  9. danw

    Looking for guitar building insight

    Bob Benedetto's book is the go to for arch tops. Also has a video series that fills in the gaps of the book. Here is one of mine.
  10. danw

    New guitar video

    I thought I was the only one that still played David Lee Roth. Sounds great.
  11. danw

    monthly contests

    Best back story to a project best resoration best use of scraps
  12. danw

    help with slow drying wood glue

    Titebond Extend.
  13. danw

    Where is the best place to sell used woodworking tools?

    Had great luck buying and selling on craigslist. If nothing else, you meet some characters.
  14. danw

    New guitar
  15. danw

    New guitar

    Haven't been around here lately, but have been in a the shop a lot as well as building some pole barns and other farm related projects. Finally got around to finishing this one. Flat top made of spanish cedar. Arched back and sides of birdseye maple. Ebony parts and binding. Oil finish. I had...
  16. danw

    Rifle stock

    Probably the most incorrect way possible.
  17. danw

    Rifle stock

    A couple weekends. Taking my time since I have never built one before.
  18. danw

    Rifle stock

    Did myself. No kit.
  19. danw

    Rifle stock

    Might as well make a rack while I'm at it.

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