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  1. jcz

    Grinder wheel - toss it? + recommendations

    I also went to CBN wheels. They are the cats meow.
  2. jcz

    Drying Redheart

    You will likely need to redrill or ream the bore again. Red heart has tendency to crack in my experience with it anyway. Hope it holds together for you.
  3. jcz

    Finish on Exterior Eastern Red Cedar

    I used sikkens cetol that Phil suggests on my front door and a cedar porch swing. They look great 2 years later.
  4. jcz

    Bandsaw Help in Winterville Please

    Gene I’m in rocky mount. Probably 45 minutes or so away. If no one closer chimes in you are welcome to use my bandsaw.
  5. jcz

    BS dust collection video

    Bruce, I remember seeing your setup before I got my bandsaw. Now that I have one I need a reminder of exactly how it went. Hopefully someone can find it and post it.
  6. jcz

    Earth Quake in North Carolina !??

    I thought our washing machine had too many clothes in it and was causing the shaking. Few minutes later my wife said several of her friends were saying there was an earthquake. Funny how I felt it and she didn’t. We were sitting in the same room. I guess the couch had better cushion than my...
  7. jcz

    PSA - Don't leave cordless batteries on chargers

    My family went through a house fire 3 years ago. During the investigation one of the 1st questions was “Did you have rechargeable batteries on charge?” Thankfully I did not and was able to prove it. They dug thru the ashes and found my drop cord fully rolled up and exactly where I told them it...
  8. jcz

    ISO planer use

    Fred your are awesome. Jerrad, be ready when you get to Fred’s place. He is fast. Try to keep up.
  9. jcz

    What am I supposed to do with this...

    Thanks for posting your progress. I’ve enjoyed seeing what you are doing with it. I’m super jealous.
  10. jcz


    It was a pleasure to meet you today and thank you for the new toy. Already working on a new outfeed table for it.
  11. jcz


    I would be interested in this if it had not sold yet.
  12. jcz

    Looking for a new Chuck.

    I have used a PSI utility chuck for years. Always worked well for me. Usually can find them for $100 or so.
  13. jcz

    Filling large knot holes and voids

    Get some CA glue and fill with sawdust if you want it to blend in. Or if you want a contrasting color use coffee grounds or brass shavings or turquoise. The sky is the limit. Medium ca is what I use.
  14. jcz

    Celtic knot

    I have made many Celtic knots in the past and this is the most accurate method I know. Yours looks great.
  15. jcz

    Remote Start or Switch on Wall etc. for Dust Collection.

    Mine is set up on a wall switch but I’d like to get a remote for it. But don’t want to spend a bunch of money on one.
  16. jcz

    Jointer then Planer or vice versa?

    I got a jointer and have still not got a planer. I want one just have not been able to get it yet. If I had to start over I’d have got the planer first.
  17. jcz

    Lovingly Remembered

    Sorry to hear of your families loss. Please know your wood working family is here for you.
  18. jcz

    Excelsior lathe - sale at Rockler

    I had that lathe for a while. It performed as needed but the fit and finish of it is rough. The handle to raise the motor for changing the belts was small and had sharp edges. I mostly used it with a beall buffing system. It’s power seemed fine for that. I saw somewhere a couple weeks ago jet...
  19. jcz

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Really disappointed I had to miss it. I’ve been looking forward to it since Phil started the discussion. Hope we can have another one sooner rather than later.
  20. jcz

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    The Christmas rush strikes again. I will be working this Saturday so I will not be able to attend. Really hate to miss this I’ve been holding off on running my dust collection system. Was hoping to get good ideas from the shops we visit.

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