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  1. cyclopentadiene

    Working Sycamore

    It is excellent to work with. Several years ago, i built a Nakashima bench using a sycamore slab. 5’ long x 28” wide. I had nothing but a Woodriver #4 and hand planed the slab flat by hand. It was no worse than Anything else. There was a section of crotch figure that was challenging due to...
  2. cyclopentadiene

    Chest of Drawers/Dresser In Sapele

    Where did you locate Sapele plywood? Or did you apply your own veneer? I just completed a piece using sapele and had to use mahogany for the back.
  3. cyclopentadiene

    Latest Project. Stickley Inspired Entertainment Console

    I am lucky as we live in Elon just a few miles from the Hardwood store. I visited for about a month until they opened a new shipment of sapele. I was able to go through the stacks to find all quartersawn material which has a great look. i did the same for the corresponding gathering table...
  4. cyclopentadiene

    Latest Project. Stickley Inspired Entertainment Console

    I went to the Stickley showroom in High Point and took some photos. Their web site has the dimensions for both pieces and I merged the two together. I sketched what I wanted on a piece of paper with loose measurements for a material list then the final design was based on the lumber dimensions...
  5. cyclopentadiene

    Latest Project. Stickley Inspired Entertainment Console

    Designed and modeled using two Stickley pieces with a mix of Maloof inspiration. The stickley Harvey Ellis Entertainment Console served as the base inspiration and the Stickley Gathering table for the two tier top portion. The sides are Maloof inspired along with the rounded legs. The...
  6. cyclopentadiene

    Cutting small parts on a TS

    These are great for the router table
  7. cyclopentadiene

    Cutting small parts on a TS

    A crosscut sled for cross cuts or angled cuts the microjig Gripper works great for thin rip and short pieces. I use with the table saw,router table and band saw. They make push blocks that are great for the jointer the only drawbacks are it is overpriced for a piece of plastic and the edge...
  8. cyclopentadiene

    Amazon Launches $2 Billion Housing Fund in 3 US Cities

    A few years ago whenb my son was grauating from college, he had a job offer from an internet based company (npot Amazon) in San Francisco. They offered $35K per year salary which was not enough to cover rent while sharing one bedroom apartment with three others. They did a grea job at...
  9. cyclopentadiene

    Wood allergies?

    This site does a good job at describing allergies. i have issues with several woods and if there is suspicion I have a Triton (similar to Trend airshield) that I wear just in case. As a classically trained synthetic...
  10. cyclopentadiene

    Cabinet Refinishing

    Mdf or wood? Our face frames are maple with MDF doors. I washed with TSP then sanded using 220 grit. I did notptime as these were already white cabinets. I sprayed the Sherwin Williams Alkyd paint (4 coats) followed by 3 coats of polyacrylate. The cabinets are very washable and have...
  11. cyclopentadiene

    4x4s better than HD and lowes Bragg area

    There is a sawmill on 87 between Sanford and Burlington with a sign indicating a showroon for pine lumber. I know nothing about them just saw it on the way to the Fayetteville skateboard park.
  12. cyclopentadiene

    Considering a Festool ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus 6" Random Orbit sander. Who's got one?

    The rotex function is for removing material quickly. It leaves swirl marks. If flatsawn lumber cutting boards is all you do, the ETS is fine. If you decide to do end grain cutting boards, you will need the rotex function and/or a flatbed sander. I have both and each has its application...
  13. cyclopentadiene

    Digital height gauge recommendations

    I often forget. I assume this is the reason the LED is burning out. The on button tends to stick the angke gauge seems to be much higher quality. I upgraded my angle gauge to the new version that uses AA batteries this one is much improved over my older one
  14. cyclopentadiene

    Considering a Festool ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus 6" Random Orbit sander. Who's got one?

    I agree with Billm0056. I have a belt sander that i never use any more. The ROS sander does a great finish. It is worth the $200 upgrade to the Rotex model as you can do coarse sanding as well. I use the RO125 for initial sanding in the rotex mode, then the ETS125 for final finish sanding...
  15. cyclopentadiene

    limits of a 14" BS

    This sounds like an opportunity for all of us to see a review of the new Pegasus band saw! it looks like a great piece of equipment and blade combination for this type work
  16. cyclopentadiene

    Digital height gauge recommendations

    I have a Wixey digital height gauge for the table saw/router table. It worked great but the LCD screen has now lost portions so i cannot read the numbers. The on/off button seems to stick and this may have been the cause? Are there other brands that are better? Wixey angle gauges finally...
  17. cyclopentadiene

    A box of planes...

    Does citric acid work better than vinegar (5%) acetic acid? i have had good luck just soaking overnight in vinegar, washing well with water. I then soak the pieces in baking soda solution for a few minutes, allow to dry then coat with oil and it seems to work fine.
  18. cyclopentadiene

    Another chess table updated This site seems to be where up and coming woodworkers post their work. I have seen several of the Fine WW back cover artisans selling their work here. The site also serves as a great place for inspiration.

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