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    Another game of tree identification

    Hi all. I picked up some free wood and have been resawing into planks to start drying out. I'm not sure what species it is though. My thoughts were some kind of hickory or pecan maybe? I don't have pictures of the leaves or fruits. Any help is appreciated!
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    Getting tree from construction site

    Good morning all. I have a question about getting a tree from a construction site that's on my way to work. They recently cleared some trees and there's a few hardwoods (one looks like walnut or hickory but hard to tell from far away) I assume I could ask for the foreman or super...
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    Commissioned work advice

    Hi All. I have a question about doing commissioned work. I recently finished building a murphy bed and have had a few folks interested in putting one in their house. It would probably be a similar design to the one I made with a few tweaks. A rough estimate for wood/hardware would be around...
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    Cedar for turning/bandsaw?

    Hi all. I had some cedar logs that have been stored behind my shed for a year or 2. I decided to mill it up, paint the end grain, stack/sticker and let it start drying out. I got a cheapo moisture meter from HF, but not too sure on how accurate it is. However it has been pretty consistent at...
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    Outfeed table material

    My wife was gracious enough to let me purchase a new (to me) table saw - the Grizzly from the classifieds (thanks Micky!). This is a big step up from my jobsite saw. I plan to build an outfeed/assembly table for it with a couple shelves underneath that i will use for storing lumber. I'm...
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    Murphy bed is finally complete

    It's been a long time in the making, but only because I got to work on it an hour here and there, but the Murphy bed is finally complete. It's my biggest project yet and got to learn some new techniques. Also my attempt at larger scale raised panel work. The outer frame used to be an...
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    Beeswax for cutting boards

    Hi all. What's the best source to get beeswax for finishing cutting boards? Do most buy online or buy locally from a store or bee keeper?
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    Sanding dust collection

    Hi all. I was wondering the best way to collect the dust while sanding. I only have a palm sander and handheld belt sander. Do you use a downdraft box or do you connect the vacuum directly to the dust port on the sander? Currently I'm using a shop vac with a 5gal. Bucket dust separator...
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    New at scroll sawing/template advice

    Hi all. I'm trying my hand at scroll sawing - bought a used 16" craftsman off CL to try it out. Right now I'm still just practicing and getting the hang of it, but I plan to make the wife a little something for valentine's day coming up. My question is, what is the best method to attach a...
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    Dust collection/tubing question

    Hi all. I was doing some research and looking into getting a used HF 2hp dust collector. I'm wondering if it will be worth it as none of my equipment has 4" ports - most are the smaller 2.5" ports. So I would need to get an adapter to reduce the 4" tube to fit my equipment. Would this...
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    Electrical - 240v outlet installation

    I am installing a heater in my garage and have run wiring to the new receptacle (240v). I have some electrical experience, but I want to make sure this is correct before i connect to the main panel and give power to the circuit. some details: 30 amp, double pole breaker will be...
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    Flattening a bowed panel

    I'm looking for some advice on how to flatten an edge glued panel that bowed. The panel is about 25"x25" and is already cut and prefinished. It is for a raised panel design. After finishing, the sides of the panel bowed up about 1/4" on each side. Attached are some pics to help out 1...
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    edge gluing & removing squeeze out

    Hi all, This is my first post in NCWW and I consider myself to be an intermediate skill level, so I'm looking for some advice on my current project. I am making some raised panel cabinet fronts and the center panel will be about 27" x 25" red oak. I'm doing the panels in 11-12" sections so...

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