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    Machinery repair?

    A local Charlotte shop I've been buying wood from has a Grizzly G0503 resaw that the blade won't track on. They've tried fixing it in house but are ready to pay someone to get it running. Any suggestions for who they should call?
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    Anyone know of a kiln in within 2 hours of Charlotte that wouldn't mind sterilizing a small batch?

    I need ~300-400 bdft of reclaimed white oak sterilized sometime in the next week or so. Closer is obviously better, but I'll take what I can get.
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    Anyone here know Fred Of Executive Woodsmiths in Charlotte?

    Wow does he have an amazing location, inventory and tool selection here in CLT. I had the fortune of meeting him recently and read about his outfitting of the king of Thailand's castle years ago. He must still have miles of wood for trim and moldings. It sounds like he's downsizing as well due...
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    Anyone recommendations for a portable mill near Charlotte?

    I've got a handful of 20' 8x8 beams that I'm hoping to have sliced down the middle. They're on location at a construction site so I need someone that has a portable mill. Anyone have a recommendation?
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    Cypress for exterior house trim?

    We're finishing house plans for a home in Charlotte and I'm trying to decide if Cypress is the right wood for our purpose. We'll be using it as exposed decorative headers over windows/doors, fascia, and also ~10"x10" columns to support a porch. I'm leaning towards cypress, but I'm also...
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    Bosch 11 amp Reciprocating Saw RS7 - $59+tax shipped after coupon

    Lowes is closing these out for $69.99 and has free shipping on them. There are also $10 off of $50 coupons floating around that you can usually find by googling which bring it down to $59.99 shipped.
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    New Rockwell Jawhorse -$37 @ Lowes in Indian Land

    Lowes seems to have selectively closed these out. Most stores have them for $99-$149 but others for $59 or less. I found the Indian Land SC store which had it for $52. There are also $15 off of $50 coupons that you can find by googling bringing the total down to $37...
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    Any recommendations for lot clearing in Charlotte?

    I've got a flat quarter acre lot that we plan on clearing. Mostly brush and vines (one as big as my waist), but 1 huge double trunked sweet gum and 10-12 other medium trees of uncertain variety. Anyone have someone that they'd recommend in the area?
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    Free "I'd Rather Be Woodworking" Sticker You have to give them name/address info and you can pick a bumper sticker. Woodworking is under the "In the Garage" category Thought someone might be interested.
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    DW788 Type 1 on CLT CL for $250

    Not Mine From the ad: Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw & Stand for Sale - $250 (Fort Mill/Baxter) Date: 2011-05-13, 11:14AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Cleaning out the garage and...
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    Sakura scroll saw - $50 Clt CL

    Not mine
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    Ryobi BT3100 - $75 CLT CL Not mine. I have one though and this is a great price. Would almost get it as a backup if I could make it up to UNCC this week.
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    Jet Table Saw CLT CL - $285

    Not Mine... Free standing full size table saw fully adjustable, works great just don't have the need for it anymore call 704-507-7126 or 704-890-7714 Paid 750.00 take 285.00
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    Foundation Support Question

    I know it's a bit of a strange question but here goes... Trying to sell my house and working through the list left by the home inspector. It's built on a crawl space and the floor joists rest on cement block piers topped with pressure treated lumber and finally a sheet of OSB/Plywood as a...
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    Side venting a water heater?

    Another water heater question for you all, sorry :P Anyway, I have a crawlspace with a direct vent water heater that has a vent pipe that goes up a few inches and then horizontal a foot or two through a cinder block wall. It just died and needs a replacement. A friend has an extra water...
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    Unisaw w/Biesemeyer - $476 CLT CL

    Not Mine... "Delta Rockwell Unisaw with Biesemeyer Fence,3 HP motor,,Great running saw,Dado Blades,a real work horse... 336-295-2117 "
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    New 14" Delta 3/4 HP Bandsaw 28-276 - $100

    This post is part deal, part gloat, and part thanks. In case you missed it buried in the Delta 17-950L DP thread a few weeks ago, Lowes is also clearing out their 14" Delta Bandsaw. Clearance price is $349, but thanks to jhreed, tommyt654, and terry1166 (and their receipts) I just picked one up...
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    17" Grizzly Bandsaw - $675 CLT CL

    Not Mine, but wish it was... Grizzly has them for $944 after shipping, not sure how much they come down on sales though.
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    Ridgid 9 Gallon Shopvac - $19.98

    Home Depot has the promo Ridgid shop vac for $19.98 again. Last time they had them around Black Friday. Should be available in store as well. I'm going by later to confirm.
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    WW tools on CLT CL - Lots of Delta and a DW788

    Not mine, might be some good deals if anyone's interested - HUGE..HUGE Tool Sale.......Master craftsman and cabinet maker. Selling off entire contents of workshop. 6hp 60 gall compressor, campbell extreme duty mortising machine, delta...

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