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  1. mpholway

    HiPURFORMER Advanced Bonding System

    The adhesive has been spoken for. Thank you all.
  2. mpholway

    HiPURFORMER Advanced Bonding System

    To all, I have 6 tubes of Titebond HiPURFORMER Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive that I would like to GIVE to anyone one who might be interested or have need. Regards, Matt
  3. mpholway

    Anyone recommend a cordless router?

    Love my Ryobi 1+.
  4. mpholway

    Happy birthday Phil S

    Happy Birthday Phil. Thanks for everything you do for all of us.
  5. mpholway

    I think I know what it is.....
  6. mpholway

    I think I know what it is.....

    The front is adjustable to accomodate differnt bits. You can find manuals easily by doing a google search.
  7. mpholway

    WANTED: Fiber/Cardboard drum for collecting sawdust waste

    Scott, Did you ever get your cardboard drum delivered? Regards, Matt
  8. mpholway

    A bit of history

    Steve, ironically, you are citing "the good the old days" using a technology to share your musings that Grandpa Edmund could not have imagined...
  9. mpholway

    A bit of history

    The apple does not fall far from the tree!
  10. mpholway

    How I made this is a mystery?

    WIllem, 1) That is a beautiful piece 2) I am glad I am not only one who can't remember how I did something...
  11. mpholway

    led strip/tape lighting

    Hello all, I am building a large (12 ' x 12 ') library shelving unit with a rolling library ladder. I would like to install some hidden led lighting but have no experience with it. Lee Valley has some kits but the are very expensive. See link below. Does anyone have any experience or...
  12. mpholway

    A couple recent turnings...

    Mike, very nice!
  13. mpholway

    The job I did not want but ...

    Phil, Absolutely beautiful as was you dedication to caring for Joan so well and for so long. You inspire on so many levels. Prayers for you and the boys.
  14. mpholway

    Tenoning jig?

    I use my tenoning jig all of the time, especially when making any arts and crafts furniture. It is a real time saver and does ensure consistency.
  15. mpholway

    Edge gluing

    They need to be reversed. The face that is against the fence needs to be down for one board and up for the other.
  16. mpholway

    Trick or treat ship

    LOL - All that great workmanship and then duct (or is it Duck) tape to the rescue on the handle extension.
  17. mpholway

    Dont know how long this will last. Jet 12" parallel clamps.

    On the Amazon website they are "Currently Unavailable"
  18. mpholway

    New shop!

    David, Very nice. Now you can not use "lack of space" for not buying any new toys. I will echo Pete and Mike and offer any help to get you moved and set up. Matt
  19. mpholway

    Breadboard tabletop mortice lenth

    David, et al., Pardon my ignorance but you used the phrase "no haunch to help keep the end from breaking ". Would someone please describe what that means in the context of woodworking as I am unfamiliar? Thank you, Matt

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