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  1. J

    I know how not to make picture frames...

    I bought the Incra 5000 sled and it helps get the exact same length and a good 45. So far so good.
  2. J

    Festool RAS 115

    This item is sold pending payment
  3. J

    Festool RAS 115

    still available
  4. J

    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    I have done three of them. It is certainly a big undertaking and a big accomplishment. Great job!
  5. J

    Festool RAS 115

    Want $150 plus shipping. It has a soft pad and a box of 24 grit discs. I can text or email pictures if needed.
  6. J


    I have this coming up for a display table. I guess flocking replicates the stick on felt paper without the seams?
  7. J

    spring back on bent laminations

    I am altering the plan already, so I can make the top fit the curve. Thanks for the responses.
  8. J

    spring back on bent laminations

    I am building a table with a curved rail on the front. I wonder how to account for any springback. Anyone with experience in this please chime in. The rail will be in two parts, each 18" long by 3 1/2" tall. It may be short enough to not have to worry about it.
  9. J

    Hall Table

    My wife is pushing for a new hall table. Did this come from a plan?
  10. J

    Hanging floating mantel

    Drilled it very carefully yesterday. It fits, but I have to pound in the last 1". Wondering if I should do that against a sheetrock wall when I install it. I think I may get my grinder out and do some slight tapering on the very ends of each 1" rod.
  11. J

    Hanging floating mantel

    As I am going to install this at my daughters house, and she lives away from me, I have not crossed that bridge yet. I know I will need to shim the bracket to make it flat in spots where it may curve in. I will make sure it is flat before installing the mantel.
  12. J

    Hanging floating mantel

    I bought a 3"X 78" metal bracket from a company to hang a beam for my daughter. It screws to the wall and has five 1" rods that go into the beam to a depth of 6". Just wondering if anyone has drilled a beam for this and any hidden ways to screw it up. My plan is to drill the holes with a 1-1/16...
  13. J

    Picture frame question

    I put in 1/4" ply behind the picture and then screw in the little flat decorative pieces of metal that you can turn out of the way if you need to take the picture out. These are typically sold in the kits for picture frame hanging, in Hobby Lobby etc.
  14. J

    Issue with new Andersen windows

    I called Andersen and they are sending me some instuctions.
  15. J

    Issue with new Andersen windows

    I installed several large Andersen picture windows this summer. I peeled the protective film off as soon as I was finished. Now I find I have to clean the windows almost every week (I surely need to) as it almost immediately collected spots, dust etc. I guess it has a sticky residue left over...
  16. J

    Replacement windows

    Been replacing my windows with Andersen. I had a local dealer come out and price Andersen, but went with Home Depot as they were about $1000 cheaper on the two large windows I was replacing at that time. Now my entry door with sidelights is next and we are waiting on the next Andersen sale to...
  17. J

    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    I have an outdoor grilling/fireplace area just outside my shop. All scraps end up in my fireplace.
  18. J

    Festool Kapex problem

    I got a handyman to come by that I know. After two hours we got the spring back in and it is up and running again. Not sure what caused the spring to pop out so it could do it again, but all is well with my Kapex.
  19. J

    Festool Kapex problem

    I have started taking the cover off one side. All is well, until I see a allen screw (as opposed to the other type screws in the cover) that is hidden behind the slide rails. Back to shaking in my boots as I know it will be a nightmare with my mechanical abilities. An allen wrench is too long on...
  20. J

    Festool Kapex problem

    I was going back to Festool with this, but freight is over $100. I found a small spring that fell out of the blade guard area, and see this same spring in the exploded diagram of the Kapex. I am a klutz at mechanics and the only company in Wilmington that works on tools does not want to touch...

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