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  1. dino drosas

    hand made plane by O'CONNER

    I just came across this article in the March/April 1989 issue of American Woodworker
  2. dino drosas

    hand made plane by O'CONNER

    Has anyone ever seen one these planes or able to shed some light on this plane. Purchased from Garrett Wade early 1980's, hand made by O'CONNER, stamped #12, came protective sock and custom hand made wooden box.Dementions are - sole 10" x 2 1/2" - plane iron is 2" wide by 5/16" thick.
  3. dino drosas

    Forest Woodworker ll

    Sorry about that. I had a similar cut and mine healed well - didn't hit any nerves and I sure hope that is the case with you. I wish you a speedy recovery
  4. dino drosas

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    Just making some room. I found I really do not like working with walnut. I do not get along too well with the walnut dust. The short stock developed some twist as it was most likely too dry with not enough air flow. All the long stock was just fine. I hope you have been well since we last...
  5. dino drosas

    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    I made two and the second one was no easier. Often thought about a third
  6. dino drosas

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    Alan, It was the same batch. I didn't use too much of it. Turned out to be about 400 BF. I cannot recall what I paid for it but I feel sure it was more than I got. Do you remember? The walnut went to a member from Florence SC
  7. dino drosas

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    Was in this case. Buyer came, loaded the wood, paid and gone
  8. dino drosas

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    Sorry to report that the lot has just been spoken for. It supposed to be picked up today. If anything changes I will let you all know. Thank you all for your interest
  9. dino drosas

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    That total BF might be a bit over estimated. I do not think there is that much. I do know that I want to see it gone. I will make worth coming to get it!!! You can give me a call at 843-267-7744
  10. dino drosas

    FOR SALE.....Walnut, rough cut, air dried (Sold)

    I have had this walnut for for several years. Rough cut - all 1 inch thick. stored in shipping container. Several wide boards over 12 feet long. Located in Myrtle Beach. Number of board feet ???? Take it all for $2.50 per board feet. I have no interest in selling it piece by piece
  11. dino drosas

    Planking the boat

    Great job on one hell of an undertaking. My hat's off to you! I have an idea of what you are going through from my kayak build. Obviously your attention span is much greater than mine but I am thinking of giving it one more try and building a strip canoe. I am going to make an effort to come...
  12. dino drosas

    Who want to build a kayak?

    Hello Phil; I was thinking about you when I posted this. It would be a great and doable project for someone to finish Design by the model is the Cape Ann Storm. The description below is from their website: Cape Ann Storm - 17.5' x 22" ( 5,33 x 0,558m) Fast and seaworthy...
  13. dino drosas

    Who want to build a kayak?

    I started building a strip kayak and have lost interest well into the build after many hours. The frame to assemble it on is complete and all the strips that are needed have been cut and milled with convex and concave edges. The strips are mahogany with a few striped maple for contrast, All the...
  14. dino drosas

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    I have a 9 foot concert grand case that I am trying to figure out what to do with. I had it in one of my restaurant's piano bar, Removed the original keyboard - salvaged the ivory keys, and installed a full sized 88 key electronic keyboard. Served me well for many years. Had a dozen bar stools...
  15. dino drosas

    Box making question

    I have built many boxes and always use the band saw to cut the tops, I should mention that I have a large band saw with a wide carbide tipped blade under ver high tension. I never tried this with the small saw and a thin blade.
  16. dino drosas

    Router bit for flattening slabs?

    take a look at Surface planing bit #2708
  17. dino drosas

    Longest dust control run?

    I too recommend the ClearVue system. I have had mine for over twenty years. Bill Pentz's site is the most helpful info I have found. I would take a hard look at the all steel cyclone on the ClearVue site with the 8" main trunk. Might be a bit of overkill but still less expensive than Oneida. Get...
  18. dino drosas

    Anyone here have a ClearVue CV1800 or CVMax?

    Looks great. You are going to be very pleased with that system. I have had mine for over twenty years and never even a hiccup. This past year I decided to do away with the filters and went straight thru the wall to the outside. I see no evidence of any dust outside although I may build a muffler...
  19. dino drosas

    Looking for Ebony

    Coremark International, ( ) in Weaverville, NC has it. Most likely the best selection ov exotic wood in the USA. If you are ever in this area, you got to see this place!!!

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