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  1. cyclopentadiene

    Latest Project. Stickley Inspired Entertainment Console

    Designed and modeled using two Stickley pieces with a mix of Maloof inspiration. The stickley Harvey Ellis Entertainment Console served as the base inspiration and the Stickley Gathering table for the two tier top portion. The sides are Maloof inspired along with the rounded legs. The...
  2. cyclopentadiene

    Digital height gauge recommendations

    I have a Wixey digital height gauge for the table saw/router table. It worked great but the LCD screen has now lost portions so i cannot read the numbers. The on/off button seems to stick and this may have been the cause? Are there other brands that are better? Wixey angle gauges finally...
  3. cyclopentadiene

    Stanley Number 2 Dating

    I purchased a Stanley Number 2 plane today. It has No 2 at the front of the knob with no raised circle. It has no patent numbers anywhere on the plane. The bleds just says stanley Made in USA (no Sweetheart Logo), The lever cap is hollow on the back. The lever has no patent numbers and is...
  4. cyclopentadiene

    Festool Dust Extractor Plug Replacement

    The plug on the front of my dust extractor has always been finicky. More recently, I cannot seem to keep the tools plugged in even with the weight of the dust hose touching it. Is there a better alternative than purchasing a replacement from Festool? I would like to keep the feature that...
  5. cyclopentadiene

    Latest Project Pet Dining at its finest in Maloof style

    I just completed my latest design. Our dog is getting older and has difficulty reaching his food bowl in the floor. I constructed a Maloof inspired dog dining table with the same design features as our dining table that I made a few years ago. It is made of cherry, fumed with ammonia and...
  6. cyclopentadiene

    Maloof inspired stool

    My latest project, a Maloof inspired stool is completed. This was a design with no plan, just pieces from other projects. This was designed to go in our bathroom between the door to the room and my closet. It is about 32 inches wide, with the seat 17 inches. The seat is coopered and much...
  7. cyclopentadiene

    Drill Press problem

    I have an older Delta 16 1/2 inch drill press. The spring that retains the up and down motion has broken. Tools direct indicates the part is obsolete and there is no replacement. e-replacement parts indicates it is on backorder with no time proposed. Any suggestions where to locate one...
  8. cyclopentadiene

    Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation tour review

    I am on a business trip to Santa Ana California. I flew out early and took the tour of the Sam Maloof home and shops. It is phenomenal to see this much of the work in a single place. He was a true artist and very practical. I actually had the opportunity to go into the shop while they were...
  9. cyclopentadiene

    Craigslist lumber bundles

    This looks interesting. Bundles of various,lumber types at $3/bf I do not have enough storage for a full bundle but perhaps there may be enough interest here to split bundles into more manageable...
  10. cyclopentadiene

    Latest Project, Stickley "Gathering Table" with Maloof Inspiration

    Attached are photos of my latest project. It is based on a Stickley Patented Piece called a Gathering Table. The table is made of Sapele and finished using Waterlox. The overall length is 90" and the highest shelf is 36" high. The width is 12" using a single board The lower shelf is at...
  11. cyclopentadiene

    Bow products Guide Pro review

    Just purchased the bow products Guide Pro product. The unit is slightly over priced but works great. I made a few resale test cuts on a piece of walnut 4" wide. I was successful at resawing at 1/4", 3/16 and 1/8 thick. I also made a single pass on a 7" wide piece of sherry at 1/8 inches...
  12. cyclopentadiene

    What metal are staples used in Lowes MDf

    I was cutting some MDF today and noticed a staple on the table of my Sawstop next to the gaurd. I am glad it did not trip the brake but it made me question if my saw is working correctly. I assume these Mus be aluminum therefore the reason it did not impact my saw. The staple is not...
  13. cyclopentadiene

    Automotive clay for wood projects?

    I just discovered the use of auto clay as a means to obtain an extremely smooth finish on my car after follow up with wax. Has anyone attempted to use this technique on a lacquer wood finish? I assume the lacquer is relatively similar as nitrocellulose is nitrocellulose. These materials...
  14. cyclopentadiene

    Bathroom tile question

    I plan to tile my bathroom this weekend and have a question. The tile will increase the height of the floor a little over 1/2 inch and I have some questions about the area near the toilet. 1) How close to the flange do I add the hardie backer and tile? 2) can I use a thick wax ring and sear...
  15. cyclopentadiene

    Home repair contractor near Burlington

    I am looking for a contractor to replace some siding, corner boards, two gable vents and some random water damage areas. I have one estimate but it seems too high. Unfortunately, many contractors increase the price when driving into our neighborhood. I am looking at about 80 pieces of...
  16. cyclopentadiene

    New Twist on Modern Danish

    My latest project is a little unique. My daughter found an old pinball playing field and wants a coffee table made from it. I am also building a set of end tables to match. I have almost completed the end tables, just a couple more coats of finish. The pinball machine playing field has...
  17. cyclopentadiene

    Whitesides dovetail bits for Leigh jig

    I have a set of 1/2 inch whitesides dovetail bits that I picked up a few years back. Most of the dovetail lbs I have made previously hav used the original bits and the corresponding guide. I have never used these 1/2 inch bits but I now need to do some dovetails on some 13/16 material. If I...
  18. cyclopentadiene

    Congratulations to Shamrock

    Please join me in congratulating Mike McKee for achieving the ultimate for. Of flattery, a photographed piece in Fine Woodworking June 20 issue. Mike is the most talented woodworker that I have ever had the privilege to work with. He has definitely refined his skill over the past two years!
  19. cyclopentadiene

    Workbench project completed

    I finally completed my workbench, almost. The top is 48" x24" x 2.75" thick. The entire bench is made of 8/4 ash. The base is mortise and tennoned and also contains oak dowels through the tennons for strength. All end pieces are 4" x4" and the stringers are 8/4 stock and 3 1/2". for the top...
  20. cyclopentadiene

    Mortiser problem?

    My steel city mortising machine seems to be locking upon startup. The motor hums and will not spin. I have tried lubricating the area between the bit and the cutter, adjusting the depth of the bit inside the cutter etc. everything is free turning by hand i purchased the unit used so I have...

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