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  1. Craig C

    Forest Woodworker ll

    Oh gosh, Mike...
  2. Craig C

    Sold. Knud Oland scrapers with extra bits.

    Mike what a nice lathe. Do I get visitation rights? :D
  3. Craig C

    Sold. Knud Oland scrapers with extra bits.

    The diagonal is for turning the inside of the bowl, especially with a lip. Works well
  4. Craig C

    Sold. Knud Oland scrapers with extra bits.

    Years ago I took a bowl turning class from Knud Oland. He used just two scrapers like these to make bowls from rough blank to finish. He also made and sold these scrapers and I bought these from him. I used these two scrapers to make many bowls until I sold my lathe when I moved to a...
  5. Craig C

    SOLD. Heavy duty 4-way cabinet/ frame clamp. Reposting with a $175 price drop.

    Selling this frame clamp that I bought when I had a bigger shop. Works great--quick set up, applies even, four-way clamping pressure, always square. This thing is a rugged cast-iron beast. Clamp capacity is 52" x 36". I've used it a lot for cabinet doors and table top glue ups. Overall...
  6. Craig C

    Considering a Festool ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus 6" Random Orbit sander. Who's got one?

    I have it, bought it used. Like it a lot. Connected to fein extractor.
  7. Craig C

    Router Sled

    This was an experiment using scrap boards to build. Worked great for flattening some boards for a project. Next one I build will have some kind of chip/dust control. Very messy, which is why I did it outside.
  8. Craig C

    It’s that time of year again...

    Have seen 3 already this year. 0 in last three years
  9. Craig C

    Bought my first Tractor

    Life is good...
  10. Craig C

    POSTPONED April 4 Sharpening Workshop

    Spent a great Saturday in Mike's workshop. Learned a lot about sharpening. Mike does a great job of demystifying what should be a simple process. While I was practicing, Mike tuned up my planes, even the crappy Freud one I found at a yard sale! In a weird small world story, I didn't think I...
  11. Craig C

    planner sled

    Leftover melamine
  12. Craig C

    Wood Identification Help

    Another vote for the GOP. (Grand Old Pine)
  13. Craig C

    Local hardwood

    I have buying lumber at Steve Wall's since 1983 when he was selling boards out of the back of his horse barn. I moved away for three years, then when I moved back I went in to buy lumber. When he saw me he reached behind the cash register and looked at a scrap of paper and said, "I owe you $80...
  14. Craig C

    Advise for beginners

    These are some great guiding principles. One of mine that I would add: Before you click a machine on, if that little voice in your head is saying, "What I'm getting ready to do doesn't feel totally safe, but it will probably be OK." STOP. Take 60 seconds to catch your breath, refill your...
  15. Craig C

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    So sorry to hear this Richard.
  16. Craig C

    Suggestions for finishing salted maple

    Nice banding! Another vote for shellac.
  17. Craig C

    What is this thing?

    James, Thanks for posting. That is exactly what I needed! Turns out I had another random black piece of metal brace that belonged to some other jig. It was killing me that I couldn't figure out how it fit together. Amen Luke!
  18. Craig C

    Cherry Headboard

    Nicely done
  19. Craig C

    What is this thing?

    Cleaning out the deep dark corners of the shop and came across this. I'm thinking it is a circle cutting jig for my Delta bandsaw but don't remember how I got it or if these are all the parts. Have never used it. Couldn't find anything on line. Does anyone have one of these? Even better...

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