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  1. Warren

    Bowl and spindle turning suspended

    Looks as if the photos were not attached correctly. Sorry
  2. Warren

    Bowl and spindle turning suspended

    Had the need for something challenging. Decided to make a curved top trunk. Using my pencil sketches, made main "dovetailed "box as it was not the the challenge. Using a bent piece of wood to lay out lid. Then, fun began learning how to cooper the curve, cut/try failed. U Tube had a lot of...
  3. Warren

    Hinge Help

    Don't have a suggestion, but the most complete selection of hardware I've used is Lee Valley. They have a large catalogue of cabinet hardware. Also, check Woodworker's Hardware.
  4. Warren

    Power Tool Table Polish

    Also use Johnson's on lathe and saw. My jointer gets an application of Renaissance Wax that has very fine abrasives that not only lubricates but helps clean and polish. Both provide good protection.
  5. Warren

    Nova 1624. Opinion

    I have the exact one that is pictured. That length is needed for Shaker rockers that I've made + stools. Additionally, bowls from 2-3 inches up to 15". After 9 years, needed a replacement drive belt. Bearings still tight. Would buy Nova again if needed.
  6. Warren

    Router Sled

    I saw a kit at Lee Valley Tools that uses pipes you supply. ~$70 15K0701-router-sled-hardware-kit-d-0011.jpg
  7. Warren

    Sanding Bowls

    I use the techniques described above + the site below was a good source of info.
  8. Warren

    Digital angle gage

    My Wixi gage died and looking to replace it. All the amazon ratings are about the same, between 58-79% 5 stars. The Wixi was to difficult to consistently zero and sometimes repeat angle readings would vary ~ -0.1 to 0.2 degrees. This was a common complaint with a lot of the gages reviewed...
  9. Warren

    Remote Start or Switch on Wall etc. for Dust Collection.

    Have a 110/220 relay for my 5hp cyclone. 110v contactor is activated by a lamp remote (~$14) to start/stop cyclone. About 10 years so far and no problems.
  10. Warren

    Easy Turning Ideas

    There are several "web sites" that show a diy type Wolverine setup. I don't recall the book title, but Ernie Conover has plans for building a similar setup. I made one out of plywood and other stuff in the shop. Instructions were from "Around the Wood" web site (basically the Wolverine setup...
  11. Warren

    Best Pricing locations for dust collection piping/hoses

    I've has a 5 hp cyclone for about 10 years. I used 6" PVC white drainage pipe from Agri-Supply. It comes in 10 ft. lengths with one end flared to fit the next section. All the reducers to 4" at machines, wyes, and elbows were metal and came from PSI. If you want, run metal tape down the length...
  12. Warren

    Building a steady rest

    Check Lee Valley. I bought a 1/2 doz of these wheels for $3.00 each. I forget the axle size, but they fit a standard size bolt. They were still in the last catalogue.
  13. Warren

    lathe motor died

    Fixed. Thanks for the help. Had no power at motor; cap ok.; off switch did not reset and left circuit open. Cleaned and used canned air to clean. All is good again.:)
  14. Warren

    lathe motor died

    Will try that tomorrow
  15. Warren

    lathe motor died

    My nova 1624-44 has functioned flawless for 6-7 years. Turned it off today for lunch. Later there was no response when I tried to start it. Have power to lathe. Hand spin and try to start = nothing (no hun, noise, etc.). The motor is induction 4 pole. The switch box has a 60mf cap that is not...
  16. Warren

    Making a round base for table - many questions

    The top can be made of baltic birch plywood since is is usually 60x60 inches square. Then use same veneer on the base. Cutting a circle using a trammel attached to a router would do the job.
  17. Warren

    Dust Collection Questions

    I haven't seen a hobby system that will collect 100% chips and dust. Use the mask. For plastic pipe check out Agri-Supply. I bought 100 ft. of 6 inch drain pipe for about $12-15 per 10 ft. length (no coupling except for wye, elbows, etc. One end accepts the end of the next 6" pipe. Price may...
  18. Warren

    unable to post a response

    Earlier I was logged in and tried to post a response to a question. An error message stated that I did not have permission to perform that function . I don't post often but, have been able to in the past. Did I do something wrong in this effort?
  19. Warren

    Password will not save when I log out.

    Thanks! Warren
  20. Warren

    Password will not save when I log out.

    I check the box to remember me and it does not. Even MS EXPLORER does not remember me when I log on. Am I doing something wrong? (don't know why italics turned on) Warren

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