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  1. Cbranch

    Sold-For sale: Rockwell table saw/jointer-sold

    Vintage 9” table saw with 24” ripping capacity and 4” jointer with 27” bed. Both machines run on a single 1hp motor and are tuned to cut. Asking $275
  2. Cbranch

    Motor service/repair?

    Thanks everyone for the useful advice, particularly oka and Bob Vaughn. I have disassembled and cleaned it out twice. I don’t have complete confidence in the centrifugal switch so that is a possibility I hadn’t considered. I also think I’ve got 14ga wiring so I may be asking too much from my...
  3. Cbranch

    Motor service/repair?

    I’ve heard they don’t do small motors anymore but I’ll give them a call
  4. Cbranch

    Motor service/repair?

    I have an old motor I’d like to repair. It’s overheating. Otherwise I’d like to replace it with a used motor. Is there a small shop in the triangle? I’m in Hillsborough.
  5. Cbranch

    Bosch 1617 Adjustment

    I have one at home that works smoothly. There are two where I work that don’t. The difference, I believe, is entirely due to the smooth mating parts and proper lubrication. I’d suggest rubbing the surfaces and pins with a white 3m pad or 0000 steel wool. Then clean it off and use a thin coat of...
  6. Cbranch

    Walker Turner 16" Bandsaw Question

    I got one a couple of years ago that only required simple updating and tuning up and I really love it. It was missing the blade guard and didn’t have the adjustable speeds but despite that it’s such a well made machine I wouldn’t trade it for much else. One thing that is common is for the table...
  7. Cbranch

    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    I may have an opportunity to come over early this afternoon or tomorrow. If either of those options are possible please pm me, I’ve forgotten how to do that myself.
  8. Cbranch

    SOLD Rockwell/Delta 9" Table Saw with 4" Jointer - Great Condition!

    Hi, I’m not familiar with small tools like this so I would want to take a good look at it, but I am interested in it because it is a saw and jointer combo and I have limited space. Have you gotten any offers?

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