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  1. Xlogger

    need dust collector

    My plan is really an outdoor closet open one one side that will blow into it and be able to scoop it out with the tractor (don't want to mess with the bags) if I can't find anyone who wants to shovel it our for free.
  2. Xlogger

    need dust collector

    Redoing my slab shed and order a 25" planer so I can flatten larger size slabs, now I'd like to find a 3hp dust collector motor and blower to mount outside and blow into a closet I plan to build. Where might be the best place to maybe find a used one if possible? I do have a Woodtek 3hp now...
  3. Xlogger

    Looking for Good Eastern Red Cedar

    I keep a good supply of cedar boards here, you can see my facebook page under "Bahama Wood" for more info
  4. Xlogger

    Ricky Pope-Sawyer

    That's why I have an email list that I send out for that. Has the same things. I can't keep up with my friend Scott:)
  5. Xlogger

    Ricky Pope-Sawyer

    Thanks Jeff, I also started a facebook page under Bahama Wood. I put about the same thing on that as I do email. Soon I will start taking credit cards as soon as I figure out a few things on it, I call Scott, maybe he can walk me thru it. Computer, smart phones, etc are not what i do well.
  6. Xlogger

    Live Edge Slabs - Where to find

    Not sure how far you are from me but I have a large selection of kiln dried live edge slabs to pick from. Scott also does. I'm suppose to be retired now so lots of weekends I'm at the coast fishing, around most of the week
  7. Xlogger

    Walnut and other wood in Durham

    Thanks Dan for coming out and the post. I had my main building fall during the large snow before Christmas and built another one twice the size and higher. I now can display taller slabs and more. I've had a lot of slabs air drying during this time and now I'm getting a lot going thru the kiln...
  8. Xlogger

    Sweetgum ovals

    Bob, don't get worried about sales. Sometimes I'll get what I think is the best looking slabs out of the kiln and they might sit around for a year before I sell them. You never know what folks are looking for and when they need something like you have. That's why I'm building a larger shed to...
  9. Xlogger

    5/4 Cedar

    I usually keep a fair amount of cedar on hand. True 4/4 and some 8/4 rough cut. You can PM me with your number and I'll get back to you. Ricky
  10. Xlogger

    Iso pecan firewood

    I have 3 bundles of pecan slabs that were cut about 6 months ago for sale. Each probably around 1/2 cord. $100 each. They are 8 ft long and you would have to cut into lengths. I would load on trailer with forklift if you want any. PM for phone # and I'll send a pic.
  11. Xlogger

    Local Lumber Suppliers

    Hi Brad, I live above Durham in Bahama area. I keep a good supply of kiln dried live edge slabs on hand along with cedar, oak, pecan lumber and more. pm me if you would like me to call and give directions. Ricky
  12. Xlogger

    Cedar posts for Arbor/Pergola - green or KD?

    Here I've not seen a problem with bee's on ERC. I've sure seen them on barn wood. I use 4x4's on my grape vines and when the vines got big and heavy they snap the posts off at ground level. I replaced them with 6x6's and used another one on each post at a angle for support.
  13. Xlogger

    Cedar posts for Arbor/Pergola - green or KD?

    warrierr, give me a pm if you like. I keep a good bit of cedar here but as Scott said, it will be green and I've sold a good bit like that and never hear a complaint.
  14. Xlogger

    Southern Magnolia lumber

    I have some in live edge slabs 8/4. Probably each one more than you need for boxes.
  15. Xlogger

    WHAT?!?!? Steelex 15" planer w/helical cutterhead from Grizzly for ... $328 ... shipped

    They have charged my card for $328 includes shipping. It will work good with the load of pecan lumber I just took out of kiln.
  16. Xlogger

    WHAT?!?!? Steelex 15" planer w/helical cutterhead from Grizzly for ... $328 ... shipped

    link still up I order one also, will be for sale when or if I get it.
  17. Xlogger

    Wanted Cedar Log or beam

    Maybe I can get that for you in a beam, I don't sell logs.
  18. Xlogger

    Looking for cedar

    I have some 10" wide cedar rough cut here. PM me if I'm not too far away from you.
  19. Xlogger

    One day..

    The owner of the tree called me a few weeks ago. He said he know what walnut sells for and wanted me to come and give a price. It's hard to deal with some home owners, they don't understand the cost of coming to remove tree, sawing and drying the lumber then dealing with selling it. Then if you...
  20. Xlogger

    Wanted - ERC for small project

    Not trying to out do Scott but I have some 4/4 if that works better for you up to 10" wide.

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