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  1. Joe Scharle

    First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair

    Very nice!
  2. Joe Scharle

    Redoing a metal and wood lawn bench

    A few years ago, I restored 6 of those. I pressure washed the iron and used something from Rustoleum for garden furniture. They're a little dull looking now, but holding up. The white oak slats are pretty much ugly, but still hold my weight!
  3. Joe Scharle

    Pattern material to use

    My permanent patterns are with 1/4" plexiglass. After cutting the pattern I smooth the edge using a butane torch. I've made many patterns using whatever is on the floor and any hardwood works well. Patterns, like fences are guides, not barricades! Go lightly... I'll use double bearing bits if...
  4. Joe Scharle

    Reboring Dogholes - Thoughts ?

    A little late now, but I like to make dog holes with a 3/4" HSS downcut spiral bit (MLCS $13). All of these were made using the same bit.
  5. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Joe Scharle

    Thank you all. Was off-line for a couple of days.
  6. Joe Scharle

    Router baseplate and bushing set

    They do work as well as brass bushings with one caveat; they can be overwhelmed by excessive lateral pressure, whereas metal bushings not so much. As with either one, a centering pin through an appropriate size template is required to center the collet/bushing/baseplate. Here's another use for...
  7. Joe Scharle

    Miter Saw won't start - rounded up the usual suspects to no avail

    I'd begin by ohming the switch. They're cheaply made and I've had to replace them on other tools...mainly routers.
  8. Joe Scharle

    Tablesaw - adjustment and tuning

    I suspect a cracked trunnion or worn bearing. Hard to tell this far away, but Ernie had a similar problem years ago. Try jerking on the arbor (blade off!) and see if there's any motion.
  9. Joe Scharle

    Horizontal or vertical

    They are both handy and easy to build. Aside from mortising you can find the special bits on MLCS for edge routing. This one from sometime in late 70s or early 80s hangs on the back of my shop built vertical router table. Simply pivots.
  10. Joe Scharle

    Latest Turnings

    Truly nice!
  11. Joe Scharle

    My Latest Turnings

    Very nice!
  12. Joe Scharle

    multiple blades?

    I've done it a few times using a pair of 24T rip blades. Stagger the teeth so they don't interfere with each other. I never used any spacer, because I was afraid of slippage and knocking off the carbide teeth. Be curious how that may turn out.
  13. Joe Scharle

    Dresser(s) Completed

    Now that's good work, eh! :)
  14. Joe Scharle

    Dove Tail jig

    When I was still in Raleigh, I held a dovetail jig class with a HF ($19.95 then) jig. This pic below shows an example of what can be done with that jig, with variable spacing, using different DT bits etc, The link is a demo of my shopmade dust collector. These jigs really produce some dust...
  15. Joe Scharle

    Hall Table

  16. Joe Scharle

    Small boxes for Christmas gifts

    Very nice, Matt
  17. Joe Scharle

    Cane Chair Repair?

    Seats took me about 3-4 hours, and I'm certain people with experience can do it a lot quicker. I bought the caning paper from Rockler and remember it being cheap for the amount of cane in a bundle. Getting the cane wet 'just so' and pulling the tension 'just so' is the major trick. Oh, and...
  18. Joe Scharle


    I don't see any reason to glue the DT. Which, btw being a profile bit must be cut in a single pass. I would imagine that the stretcher has a peg tenon on each end to help prevent the legs from rotating as well as controlling the centering of the legs. If I were to build that bench, I'd rout the...
  19. Joe Scharle


    I can make sliding DTs using this dado guide and whatever bit I think would be best, but my first choice is my Woodrat.
  20. Joe Scharle

    Picture frame question

    I use this to set glazing points. Big Horn 19120 Picture Frame Pliers $18.35 Amazon

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