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  1. Bill Clemmons

    Drill Press Features

    Regarding raising and lowering a table without a rack & pinion system. I have an older Craftsman floor model and the table seems to get heavier every year. I saw this solution on a video and decided to try it. It's a cheap trailer jack from HF installed upside down on the column. It's not an...
  2. Bill Clemmons

    best source for wide SYP boards?

    Hey Jerome, long time no see. We've missed you. A few years ago I got some very nice SYP at The Hardwood Store in Gibsonville. I don't know about the sizes you need, but it might be worth a try.
  3. Bill Clemmons

    Afternoon Repurpose of broken saw

    Nice save.
  4. Bill Clemmons

    How to start a conversation?

    Chris, go to the 'envelop' symbol just to the right of your user name in the brown banner across the top. Left click on it. There should be a link for 'start a new conversation'. See if that lets you in.
  5. Bill Clemmons

    SketchUp plans in 'Resources'

    Were you aware the 'Resources' section of NCWW can now accept SketchUp files? For the past month I've been uploading some of my plans to share w/ others. All of these are plans I created in SU, mostly from my own designs w/ one noted exception. And w/ that one exception, I've also built these...
  6. Bill Clemmons

    China Hutch 2021-01-10

    This is a large piece, so I built it as two separate units. The lower cabinet (LC) was first and delivered to my daughter before I started the upper cabinet (UC). I used White Oak but I believe it could easily work in any of several different woods. The upper cabinet doors have glass inset in...
  7. Bill Clemmons

    Best glue for cork on vise?

    I used 3M spray adhesive for mine. Been there more than a year now and still holding.
  8. Bill Clemmons

    Motor service/repair?

    If you don't find anyone closer there is a shop just north of Burlington on hwy. 87.
  9. Bill Clemmons

    Phil Lowe's passing

    Sorry to hear that. I always enjoy his videos.
  10. Bill Clemmons

    Pattern material to use

    I like to use 1/4" hardboard (not MDF) for router patterns. I also use a single bearing bit since only one bearing can ride the pattern at a time. The position of the bearing depends on whether you are routing from the top (hand held router) or bottom (router table) and where the pattern will...
  11. Bill Clemmons

    sanding shellac question

    I normally use 320 w/ a very light touch to rub out a shellac finish. Haven't had a problem w/ loading up. I do it by hand rather than w/ a ROS.
  12. Bill Clemmons

    Amana Plug Cutters

    It's a good price IF you think you'll use all those sizes on a regular basis. I tend to shy away from buying sets of anything, rather buying individual sizes as I need them. Just a thought. On another note, I've bought from Holbren in the past. Good guy to work w/. Always available to talk...
  13. Bill Clemmons

    Interesting Butcher Block request

    Sounds like he read somewhere that end grain butcher block is the way to go. Probably a home design or architectural magazine. Unfortunately he stopped reading before he got to the details about when and where it is appropriate to use. The end grain cabinet tops in the laundry room is...
  14. Bill Clemmons

    A&C Coffee Table 2020-12-29

    Arts & Crafts style coffee table matches end table I uploaded on 12-6-2020.
  15. Bill Clemmons

    4x4s better than HD and lowes Bragg area

    So are you going to build the same base w/ something other than Pine, or are you going to build a different style base?
  16. Bill Clemmons

    Jointer Damage

    I agree w/ Donn. Surprised there is no damage to the blades.
  17. Bill Clemmons

    4x4s better than HD and lowes Bragg area

    If you can't find anything local, try The Hardwood Store of NC, in Gibsonville, NC. I built the table below several years ago and used 16/4 Poplar to turn the legs. Since it was being painted, Poplar was fine. But they probably have whatever species you need.
  18. Bill Clemmons

    Country table w/ turned legs 2020-12-28

    Made this dining table for my DIL. Base is Poplar painted white. Top is SYP stained dark, per her request. Note: I did not make the chairs in this pic.
  19. Bill Clemmons


    I don't have the Pro version, but I would think just the opposite would be true. The Pro version has more bells and whistles, and therefor more variables/options to deal w/. I use SU 2017 (free version) and it does everything I need for my skill level. When I first started w/ SU it was...
  20. Bill Clemmons

    End / Side Table 2020-12-27

    Not sure what to call this style. Some of the design elements (e.g. lower shelf support system) came from a magazine article some years ago. I don't remember the magazine or the author or I would give them full credit. This piece matches the coffee table I posted on 12-26-20.

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