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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    Thank you all for some very good information. I don't see much love for the plastic, and I kinda agree. So now I’ve got to add L-N into the mix. The Schwarz writeup on the tapered version, and the accompanying comments, was very helpful. Especially since the standard version is not available...
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    I recently got into a pretty good selection of pine and spruce softwood and have decided this would be perfect for (finally) learning to make hand cut dovetails. So I’m ready to purchase a dovetail saw and would love some advice. Should I just order the $80 Veritas saw or maybe the Florip for...
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    Jet Bandsaw- need new tires

    I just recently blew out a tire on my old blue Jet 14” Bandsaw (model JBS-14OS) and have some questions. Do the tires need to be specific for this model? I know I have to buy a pair, should I replace both? Any suggestions as to what to get or what to avoid? I’d appreciate any advice thanks...
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    The Step Stool Project

    I had a similar situation- noticed that the “stay logged in” function wasn’t working on that page. So I logged in again and then had access. —Claus
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    Please don’t take this the wrong way. A recent new member has posted some of the best videos I’ve seen. Well made, interesting content, projects that are not out of reach for me, done from start to finish. But while I see a lot of (what I consider off topic) posts like ”happy birthday“...
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    Home Office Projects ?

    Very nice. Thank you for posting this. —Claus
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    Any roofer recommendations for ENC: New Bern?

    I assume you have homeowners insurance. Ask them for a recommendation, they'll be the ones paying the bill and want a good outcome as much as you do. — Claus
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    extendable legs for student desk?

    My wife teaches elementary school. A few years ago I made her some tables for her classroom. the bottoms of the original legs are on the top side of the picture. When she switched grades to bigger kids she needed taller tables so I wrapped an extension around the bottom. Just a thought. — Claus
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    Router bit for flattening slabs?

    I appreciate all of the input. What I’m taking away from the replies: - lots of bits will do, don‘t go too big, and a reasonably priced one is probably enough - be prepared for the process to take some time, count on many light passes - be prepared for a big mess. I might just start outside if...
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    Router bit for flattening slabs?

    I’m getting ready to build a router sled to flatten slabs and other boards, I don't have a jointer big enough. The selection of router bits for this is overwhelming. I’ve found multiple sizes and types, with pricing ranging from around $15 up to several hundred dollars. Does anyone have some...
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    Cork sanding block

    I was so cheap I just glued pieces of cork sheeting to some blocks. Works very well I think. —Claus
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    Anybody near Asheville?

    Never know?? Gee, I thought I covered it pretty well ... in any case ads for this same stuff show up all the time. —Claus
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    Anybody near Asheville?

    Not sure about the vendor but this wood has been available around here for quite a while from various sources. It’s my understanding that these pieces are from Asian shipping containers, boxes/pallets with an inner bag full of apple juice concentrate. The ”show pieces” in the ad are pretty...
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    Miter bar material?

    I used some some oak scraps. Quatersawn to minimize expansion/contraction. But so that they could be adjusted if it was necessary I added some small brass screws in the side. Brass won't scratch up a steel miter slot. So far I haven't needed the adjustment. Ignore the smudges, that's just...
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    I think that the Grove Park Inn itself is worth a visit. Most of the lobby and public areas are full of Arts and Crafts furniture - tables, chairs, lamps and more. And the North Carolina Arboretum: ... has a very nice collection of Bonzai trees, among other...
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    My taper jig

    Just a couple quick pics. Another thread got me thinking, I tried that hinged version of a taper jig and frankly it scared me to use it. This was pretty simple to put together and has served me for years, no issues. --Claus
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    Just finished my Dutch Tool Chest

    Very nice. May I ask where you got the hinges?? --Claus
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    But I don't need any new chisels...

    Picking up some groceries at Aldi's and saw the chisels on sale. But I don't need any new chisels... but they're only 6.99 and won't be here long. But I don't need any new chisels... but hey, they're only 6.99. Ok so I bought a set. But I don't need any new chisels... --Claus
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    Any table saw whisperers near Winston-Salem?

    Just a suggestion- try squaring the miter guide against the other miter slot, not the blade. If the blade is off by a fraction you'd still get a square cut, just a minimally wider kerf slot. --Claus

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