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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    i've had the veritas and bought it because its a good brand at a decent price. but after trying other saws, I wouldn't recommend it. Its very light and for me at least, harder to control. i prefer one with a brass back (instead of plastic) and heavier handle. if you play pool or golf, its like...
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    cool way to dress up / complicate a plywood bookcase

    i went for a simple sprayed waterborne poly. i didnt even try to pop the curly grain in the edge banding.
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    Looking for a ridgid oscillating belt and drum sander

    there have been some woodtek brand on the Raleigh craigslist recently.
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    Hinge Help

    +1 to a non-mortise hinge, many different options. use your own judgement on the quality. if there is a bunch of play in the hinge, no matter the price, its prob crap. but if you find a good deal and the tolerances are tight, it will probably work fine.
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    cool way to dress up / complicate a plywood bookcase

    it took a lot of googling to refresh my mind
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    cool way to dress up / complicate a plywood bookcase

    in practice, i did a bunch of test pieces. i would adjust the angle one of the sleds and then square the other sled to it. also, your edge banding has to be in its final size to do this. that can be much more finicky than making it oversize and flushing. not something i'd do for every project...
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    cool way to dress up / complicate a plywood bookcase

    i did two of these bookcases and seriously thought about abandoning the whole idea and painting.
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    cool way to dress up / complicate a plywood bookcase

    i started out naively thinking that it would be a quick 45 miter, then i was thinking it will be a 30 / 60 degree combo. then i realized its something altogether different. I used a easy 2x2 square to try and figure out the two angles involved. I had a unfinished table saw sled i cannibalized...
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    How long was your longest project?

    i was extra slow over the last few months of the pandemic. my wife started working from home so i moved her car out of the garage. the extra space meant the half finished dresser was out of the way instead of clogging up my bench. I could just ignore it.
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    3 legged plant stand

    yes its plywood
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    3 legged plant stand

    i've made some 4 legged versions of these with a thru tenon in the past. you can see that here: with the added complexity of the 3 way joint I decided to drop the thru tenon to keep the project relatively quick. the mortises...
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    How many dowels do I use?

    the advantage of loose tenons, assuming they are oriented horizontally is that you have a huge amount of long grain to long grain glue surface in both the support and the post. But for these angled joints, your dowels will likely be fine but them being round means that in the post, a good...
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    flush mount floor registers

    hey Wayne, those look pretty robust. closer to 3/4. my flooring is more like 7/16. hence my thinking about adding some aluminum. in yours, i assume there is some joinery between the slats and the outer pieces, can you tell?
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    Joining wood

    i wouldnt' give up my 8 inch powermatic model 60 with the retrofit helical head for anything. The jointer allows me to more quickly get to parts of woodworking i like more. to each their own.
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    flush mount floor registers

    any chance you can post a pic?
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    flush mount floor registers

    i have the ubiquitous floor registers that we've all had it our house at some point. the ones that either come in brown or white. I was thinking about flush mounting. looking at the products out there, they are much easier to install before flooring is in place. I also had worries about the...
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    I'm beginning to wish I had a track saw..

    the makita is the one i have, much less expensive than festool and a dream to work with
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    3/4-4x8 Baltic Birch

    robert, the name baltic birch is a european product. that comes in 5x5 is perfect for your sleds. you can buy something that is equivalent in quality, in my mind, in 4x8. just make sure whatever you buy is a 13 ply product.
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    3/4-4x8 Baltic Birch

    assuming you are in Pikeville NC, the place i get it is not terribly inconvenient to you. Contact Oak City Customs its a cabinet and furniture shop in Zebulon. if you contact him, he can order it. i use it for veneering so i got the cheaper- both are B sides product. I believe it was actually...
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    Dresser-Bed Complete

    i'm not a huge fan of the actual making of halfblinds or i'd incorporate them more. i think it actually takes some bravado to do half blinds on a all that work and not show it off. that is bold in my book.

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