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    Tall Stand-up Workbench $250

    Don’t think I can afford it at this point...but I think I am going to steal the design. I love the removable center piece. As well as the over hang for clamping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Christmas presents i made for my work squad mates

    What did you use to do the numbering? They look great!
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    Need Jointer and Planer

    Depending on your location sometimes there are ‘shared’ workspaces that have all the essential big power tools covered. When I was at NCSU I would user their Arts&Craft center. There I would mill most of my lumber and then just do the assembly at home. Now that I’m in Greensboro I found the...
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    Help with air drying holly

    Recently I’ve acquired a large(ish) holly stump that I’d like to use for turning, carving, inlays, etc. Attached is a photo of the gnarly beast. I know very little about air drying wood, other then you put it in a corner of your shop and forget about it until you trip over it looking for...
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    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Tuesday

    Count me in.
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    Outreach - Klingspors - Winston Salem 12/7/2019

    Agreed. There was a great turn out. Without a doubt there were a lot of converts that morning.
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    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Looks like I’m double booked for Saturday. I will not be able to make it, so please give my spot up. Have fun.
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    Outreach - Klingspors - Winston Salem 12/7/2019

    Looking forward to helping out this Saturday. Let me know what time I need to be there tomorrow morning.
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    Carpentry Compiler

    I’ll have to look at it again, but I don’t think they take into account blade ware and machine maintenance. While minimal at first, it does add up over time. It would also be interesting to compare hand tools vs. power tools (i.e. Roy vs. Norm).
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    I used to make everything I needed with...

    Critical thinking and perseverance?
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    Consideraing getting a metal machine which would be more useful.

    My $0.02 would be start with a lathe. When I was learning machining that’s where we started. Then learned how to use a lathe as a mill with the cutter mounted in the chuck aAfter that it was on to the Bridgeport. As for make and model, I’ve been looking into Precision Mathews...
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    Matthias Wandel's Workshop Cost

    Not to hijack this thread...but my favorite videos of his are where he evaluates ‘high end’ equipment and shows that the cheap stuff is actually better. It would be worth comparing a shop like his verse something like a sponsored shop (e.g. The Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo) and/or a...
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    Tea table

    That’s one great door prize.
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    Auction Sale

    Sarcasm does not come across very well in forms. There is a lot of nice equipment in the auction and I was trying to deter folks from looking any further. Hopefully those bar clamps are not 3 phase.
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    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - work in progress

    I like your miter plane placement. It’s subtle.
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    Auction Sale

    Why would anyone want to buy used high quality industrial woodworking equipment?
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    Christmas gift ideas for the woodworker

    Shop time. My #1 gift is always shop time. No matter what my family thinks I need, I always ask to be able to spend more time in the shop. They are more than happy to join me there. But time in the shop is time in the shop.
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    Black Friday Deals

    Looks like there are a lot of ‘sales’ going on. Thought I’d try and make a thread that everyone could post to. This way it’s all in one place.
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    Fair winds and following seas

    Thanks for the advice and miter sled. Let us know how the new shop comes along. Safe travels and Godspeed.
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    Wanted: 8in. Jointer

    Just a quick update, I’ve found a jointer that needs a little TLC and is with in my budget. Once I get it all set up I’ll post a few photos. However, since this seems to be a good thread for posting 8in. jointers for sale I’m going to leave it up. Thanks to all who helped with the search.

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