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  1. Rwe2156

    Black Walnut Burl

    You have to open it up. Maybe nothing.
  2. Rwe2156

    Post Covid Workshop - List attached - SOLD OUT

    Curious how is it used & what are the advantages?
  3. Rwe2156

    Happy Thanksgiving to All

  4. Rwe2156

    "Best" router type for table

    I’ll tell you all my experience with Triton, and let me be clear: I am not saying this is a universal problem, but one I know others have had, and that Triton support acknowledges. The router developed a back lash in the height adjustment gears, so that when the lock was released the collet...
  5. Rwe2156

    "Best" router type for table

    Very proud of you. My routers all have different serial numbers. Does that count?
  6. Rwe2156

    "Best" router type for table

    It’s nice to have a dedicated router in the table and one handheld, but you’re probably asking the wrong person LOL
  7. Rwe2156

    Knowing when to Toss

    Me? No I never do anything like that........
  8. Rwe2156

    "Best" router type for table

    It will handle everything unless you’re getting into panel raising bits, even then it will probably do the job, or force you to take shallower passes (not a bad thing). To me the big issue is height adjustment, which is going to depend on the specific model. The standard routers I own aren’t...
  9. Rwe2156

    Bar Clamps

    If you’re talking about parallel clamps, IMO hands down Bessey are the best. I have several Jet clamps and wouldn’t buy them again. I also have aluminum bar clamps. They have their place, they do work, and they are certainly cheap enough and some are cheaply made (Harbor Freight). I did the...
  10. Rwe2156

    Another little cherry table.....

    Very nice like the arched apron. Cherry is such a beautiful wood!
  11. Rwe2156

    Sharpening planner blades

    Frank’s Industrial Sharpening, Jacksonville FL
  12. Rwe2156

    Joining wood

    You got lucky.
  13. Rwe2156

    Sharpening planner blades

    What kind of planer? It depends on the planer and size of knives. On smaller planers its only a little more expensive to buy new ones. For me, with 20" x 4 knives its is too expensive to buy a new (decent) set of knives. The cost to have them done is not worth me sharpening myself, even...
  14. Rwe2156

    Dove Tail jig

    Assuming its the WoodRiver, it looks a lot like the Porter Cable jig I had years ago. It worked OK, but you get what you pay for.
  15. Rwe2156

    Do you shim your dado stack?

    I've had this happen, too. I think its because I left the wood out overnight and maybe it swelled a little. I don't like messing with dados once they've been cut. Often a little sanding on the underside is all it takes. One way to handle is a Japanese technique some people call "killing...
  16. Rwe2156

    Pair of panel gauges

    Holy smokes!!!! You do realize the nicer the tool, the fewer mistakes you make, right?
  17. Rwe2156

    Somehimers and age

    That's what you call CRS or Sometimers? I thought it was going to be about using ebony instead of a piece of oak. If it applies OSR (Over Sixty Rules) grant immunity.
  18. Rwe2156

    DeWalt at its finest .... Not

    It’s not just DeWalt. I bought a $35 Amana counter sink the drill bit only adjusts to 2” depth and tapers to such a fine point it broke in the 3rd hole. The minute is looked at the but I knew it wouldn’t last. Maybe it’s not designed for a hand held drill?
  19. Rwe2156

    Finish for a desk top

    Any hard drying finish will work take your pick. if you can spray it, water based urethane or acrylic is very easy to work with,
  20. Rwe2156

    Bevel cut on edge of plywood

    Rick, sorry I don't grasp what you're doing, but I would still make the point that with a long miter you have to be sure you've got good down pressure next to the blade, especially with plywood. Not really the safest cut in the world. Definitely want a splitter or riving knife. If you have a...

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