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  1. awldune

    What is the best Lithium-ion hand tool brand?

    FWIW, I also like the Bosch 18V. But be aware that there are some limitations of their offering on that platform. No yard tools, if you care about that. No palm router. Ryobi One+ (for example) is much more versatile.
  2. awldune

    Craftsman 10" Table Saw

    I believe that Habitat ReStore will take it, although I don't know if they will come get it from a storage unit.
  3. awldune

    Sanding Bowls

    Thoughts on sanding sealer? I find it helps sometimes.
  4. awldune

    A Treat For Myself -- My First Lie-Nielsen

    Easy on the eyes for sure :)
  5. awldune

    Battery Powered Chainsaws

    FWIW I have used the Ryobi One+ and it is surprisingly capable. Worth considering if you already have the One+ system.
  6. awldune

    For sale: 6" SOLD. Jointer, Dewalt Planer, Harbor Freight DC with Wynn filter, Bosch tablesaw

    That is a lot of jointer for the money, even if it needs a bit of tuning.
  7. awldune

    3x 4' LED Shop Lights

    I think I may have caused some confusion here by resurrecting an old thread. I would expect those lights are long gone.
  8. awldune

    3x 4' LED Shop Lights

    Many months later, I have finally installed these same lights. I really like them!
  9. awldune

    I bought a thrift store Williams & Hussey

    What kind of cutters does a machine like that use? Are they the same as for a shaper?
  10. awldune

    Guitar Build started almost a decade ago.

    Pretty! You don't see a lot of spalted wood in guitars! Probably not great for tone, but with a laminated body it should be fine. Are you going to sand off the "Squier" on the neck?
  11. awldune

    FS: NIB - Rikon 8" Slow speed grinder $100

    FWIW it is a great grinder and Woodcraft doesn't have that price all the time.
  12. awldune

    Adjustable Hammer

    I guess I can see how adjusting the claw end could help for pulling nails? The hammer end, not so much.
  13. awldune

    --SOLD -- NOVA 23055 SUPERNOVA 2 CHUCK - $125

    This is not true for my Nova lathe. I don't think the insert version of their chucks is intended to 'natively' fit on any lathe.
  14. awldune

    Nova DVR XP Lathe for sale

    Someone got a great deal. I am disappointed and relieved at the same time ;)
  15. awldune

    Bradford Pear

    It certainly is expensive (cheaper across the pond I think?) so a DIY recipe is interesting. Thanks!
  16. awldune

    Bradford Pear

    Pretty! Tell us about homemade grit wax. I have used Yorkshire Grit with good results.
  17. awldune

    New bowl

  18. awldune

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    I had this same experience, for what it's worth. No issues since replacing the GFCI.
  19. awldune


    Another homemade mill many of us will have seen is Matthias Wandel's: A thing about Matt Cremona's mill is he spent a fortune in actual money, time, and labor in making it. I am more drawn to the idea of a quick, cheap, and dirty mill. (Though I probably...
  20. awldune

    Can anyone tell me what these are?

    At a glance, it appears that it would be simple to swap out those plain bearings for skate wheels (basically just a bearing with a solid "tire" on it.)

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