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    Spalted maple

    Drying fungus will only make it dormant, if you want to kill it, bleach is the best
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    Bourbon barrel cabinet

    If he is like my brother, he is expecting to stock it too ! :D
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    What's your favorite "cheap" tool?

    These are my are my favorites as of late. Got each for 5 bucks each. the machinist square I got at a garage sale. The Milwaukee small speed square was a kit (big one + small one) I got with a discount for just over 10 bucks.
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    Spalted maple

    For clarity......... ;) .......... "Thanks Jeff - I guess all the brain cells haven't been damaged".......yet!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know this has been a really tough year, if I had to give a yelp review 2020 would get 1 star .... but - I am very thankful that we all are here pounding wood into things it would not be otherwise. Also, Happy for interaction and internet friendship. I am...
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    Black Walnut Burl

    If it is solid I would say yeah that is reasonable. It would be a good deal. But, burl sometimes can be pretty airy, the waste factor could be big. I don't know walnut burl that well just looking at that pix I would 30-40% of it could be scrap or small use piece, or you could cut it and resin...
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    Something is wrong with me

    I see chicken salad in your future
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    Black Walnut Burl

    A Christmas gift for me, I'll pay postage ..... no idea
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    How do I make this large profile?

    1"flat on both ends means 1"tangent on both ends. The tangent section is where the radius ends and the straight line/plane begins
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    How Long? Really?

    Yeah delivery delays are everywhere. I went to Safeway here (Kroger's parent company) and the cheese aisle was almost empty, maybe 12 packages of any cheese left. THE Store Mgr told me it is shipping delays because of the pandemic. In general, about 40-50% of light cargo goes on common air...
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    Bar Clamps

    I use pipe clamps on larger stuff. I learned something about the type of pipe you use. Since I could get the pipe for free I took it. All the 3/4 I got was 304 SS sch 40. What I learned is its surface can cause it to slip and not grab. I had to rough the surface of them to make them...
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    Blast from the Past Saw Blade

    Forgot I had this, so I loaded it up on my saw. I got this in the 80's thinking 1985-ish. Anyway, pretty sure I got it to trim down a door....... not. Nah just curiosity I think this is the 3rd time I used it. The pix speak for themselves. It does cut a radius and you can side swale out wood...
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    What is the best Lithium-ion hand tool brand?

    Managing the trades there is something you notice. Each trade type or regional area tends to gravitate to certain brands. This is my subjective opinion- Electrical, plumbing go to Milwaukee tools. Mostly, because they offer specialty tools and are lighter because those tools can run on the 12 v...
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    Knowing when to Toss

    Charles seeing how I have moved about 25-26 times in my life, I came up with this method. I keep 2 junk boxes all things that I want to hoard cannot exceed these 2 boxes. Then, I use this mantra - Did I used last week, last month, last year, if not toss or sell. I never adhere 100% perfect...
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    Knowing when to Toss

    All the time, you are your dad, as we all are. I keep things longer than I should
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    I did WWing

    Looks nice .....aaaand as we all know, "happy wife, happy life "
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    What is the best Lithium-ion hand tool brand?

    One tool I recommend getting is the grinder. You will be surprised how useful it is. Outside the drill, screwgun and circ-saw it is the most used in my shop. You can cut metal with a .040 blade or use it as a shaper or smoother with a flapper wheel. It is really a useful add to the shop.
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    Drying Redheart

    I believe the North Carolina moisture ambient is about 10-12% depending where you are. As a rule, you only need to get it to that level. If you make it less than the ambient humidity, the wood will seek to absorb moisture to reach parity and eventually reach it unless you waterproof it. On the...
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    I need a few parts made from aluminum and brass.

    You can't say .......... this is a saw part not a truck part ......... :p I can think of other ways to do this, but all still would take 3-6 hours of real time work depending on the sophistication of the shop setups.
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    What is the best Lithium-ion hand tool brand?

    Funny you'd should ask Henry ....... my destructive curiosity got me wondering about this. It started with ordering the wrong battery for a laptop and they would not allow any returns, so I took it apart, which after this 1st time I did this many more times. As it turns out, most if not all...

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