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    Need Some Joinery Help

    How thick is the stretcher (3/4")? I'd just cut a rabbet on the inside faces of the stretchers and drop the shelf into the rabbets. No mortice and tenons, and no glue needed.
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    How do I make this large profile?

    That sounds like your best buy.
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    What is the best Lithium-ion hand tool brand?

    I'm curious. Why do you want to upgrade your tools to Li-ion technology? My DeWalt drill (DW959) works fine using Ni-Cd batteries and I've had it for about 8 years. I did buy two new Ni-Cd batteries for it (DW 18V XRP). I have 2 batteries so if the one that I'm using gets low I just switch it...
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    I did WWing

    Nifty little project! ;)
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    SketchUp not supported

    Ron Natali fixed the problem and we can now upload SketchUp files to Resources/Project Plans.
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    Farmhouse table style 2020-11-24

    A very basic farm house style table base with half lap joints.
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    Craftsman 10" Table Saw

    Carry on Rick.
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    Revised the DeWalt Saw- before / after

    Nice refurbish work. It looks pretty close to the original saw.
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    I need a few parts made from aluminum and brass.

    I have a delta 10" tilt top table saw from the 40s (I think). The trunnions are made of pot metal and pretty famous for breaking and are more or less unobtainium. I have a pair of good ones, Taylor, maybe it's time to get a new saw. I doubt that even a well equipped machine shop would make...
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    Craftsman 10" Table Saw

    Rick Mainhart is in Kernersville. I doubt that he'll come all the way to Cary to pick it up, but it can's hurt to ask him if he's interested.
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    Zoom classes with Roy Underhill

    Each class is $10 donated to the Woodwright's School. [
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    Drying Redheart

    Duck calls?
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    Woodwright's Shop Zoom Classes

    Here are the first four classes being offered and the dates. You have to sign up and pay a $10 donation for each class. Roy will send you the Zoom link to log in.
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    Sad state of affairs for SYP

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    Another little cherry table.....

    I prefer Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish and avoid oil based and water borne poly like a plague. It's easier to apply and easier to repair without removing the entire poly finish used previously.
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    SketchUp not supported

    Thanks Neil. I'll start a conversation with him although I'm surprised that he didn't respond at the Help Desk.
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    Sad state of affairs for SYP

    In this case it's not an acronym. There is no choice-all three species are lumped together and you can't pick and choose at Lowe's or Home Depot. I wasn't being difficult and you didn't say what you thought was "weird" about it. Sorry.
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    Sad state of affairs for SYP

    What's so weird about it? It can be any one of the three: Spruce, Fir, or Pine.
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    And then the magic smoke oozed out of the table saw ...

    I also have the Bosh 4100 job site table saw. It has worked fine for many projects. I don't have room for a cabinet saw.

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