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    Another little cherry table.....

    Have never used water based poly ..... I have been experimenting a little and tried Chris Schwarz mix of 1/3 blo, 1/3 thinner, and 1/3 poly... wipe on and wipe off. I think I put it on a little too heavy maybe..... anyway since it is a table top I put a few more coats of thinned out poly on the...
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    Another little cherry table.....

    I just love the looks of the simple cherry table.... Had a tough time with the finish on the top. I thinned some poly and put a few coats on (satin) but it kept leaving lines when it dried... When I tried to level them, 0000 steel wool, then 2000 grit paper, made it cloudy... finally I took a...
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    Card Scraper Sharpening

    Paul Sellers has a good video as well. Card scraper sharpening was kind of like learning to water ski - it took me a long time and a lot of tries to "get it" and I still am inconsistent (at both !) It seems like such a simple thing but I have gotten better with practice.... but the hardest...
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    An Aggravating Project - But It's Done!

    Looks great Donn... lotsa work to get that right....!
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    Recent Turnings

    I am running out of words... but your stuff is like ice cream, I love it but sometimes it makes my brain hurt!
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    Woodshop Preference

    One visit to Charlie's shop = priceless.. Just sayin....
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    Kitchen Island: Completed!

    Love it!
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    Wine cabinet commission

    I'm sorry, I must have passed out when I read "stained cherry" to look like golden oak"...... Where am I?
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    Just a little table....

    She did not like them, so into the scrap box!
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    Just a little table....

    Years ago my wife did this: Yes, it's a popcorn tin with a glass top. She found this on Pinterest or etsy: So I had my project.... First get approval: Sorry didn't figure out how to rotate that... I like poplar for painted pieces Making circles Adding a lip Circles, more...
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    So sorry for your loss.
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    Latest Turnings

    Always wonderful to see what you came up with this time.... and they are all, always amazing!
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    SawStop: Thank You!

    Keeping your thumb.... priceless! Glad you kept all your digits! Say hi to Adele!
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    A One Week Project

    Any chance we could get a pic of the underside - would love to see how that was made.... nice. Piece!
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    Townsend Knee Hole Desk

    Glad you're back. That desk is going to be awesome.....
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    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    I should wear my steel toes, but I am usually in running shoes, and put a floor mat in front of the workbench. Currently sporting a black and blue big left toenail from something I dropped on it months ago.
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    Recent Turnings

    Stunning Charlie, as ever....
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    Beginner Handtool (Dovetail?) setup

    +1 - love working with poplar. Pine not so much....well actually not at all....
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    Beginner Handtool (Dovetail?) setup

    One thing we are never short of is advise! I used to be a power tool only guy but now I do all/most of my joinery with hand tools. I have watched pretty much everything Paul Sellers has on you tube and have used his methods to make some FSO's ( furniture shaped objects) that mostly have not...
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    Happy birthday Phil S

    Looks like I am a day late, but happy birthday Phil!

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