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    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's as well, Casey
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    What's your favorite "cheap" tool?

    Either my Starrett 4" double square that I paid around $15 for, or a pair of 4" Brown & Sharpe dividers that were less than $10.
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    Walker Turner 6" Jointer

    Not mine. Heavy 6” jointer
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    Rustic cedar kitchen island

    That's a nice job, Tim!
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    Im usually not into this sort of thing but...

    Those are Woodpeckers' promo pictures, with the branding removed
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    Klingspors Anniversary Event-12/12/2020

    Fingers crossed...
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    Card Scraper Sharpening

    Here's another one, but I doubt there will much difference between the two
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    Christmas for Cops

    You may need to order normal keys, and cut the grip/handle/finger hold off
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    Happy Birthday Ptt49er

    Happy Birthday
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    scrub plane blade

    If you're talking about blades from a #4-#6, Mike's suggestion will work great. You can always change it if you find that it doesn't suit your needs. "Real" scrub planes (Stanley #40, and similar) have blades that are around 1½" wide, and since their mouths are very large, they have a much...
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    I think he's referring to @build4fun He shared his latest video in this thread:
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    Grandfather Clock / Tall Case Clock Project

    Looks great. I think this is the first Greene & Greene-style clock that I've seen
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    Dresser-Bed Complete

    That turned out beautifully
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    Where to Buy Used Clamps

    My experience with HF clamps is similar to @Rwe2156, except I used pine to fill my aluminum clamps, and glued wood and/or cork rubber, to the clamping surfaces
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    CPowell Back for More

    Welcome back
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    Howdy from Marshall

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    Joinery Pegs

    I bought it in September, and I've only made around 20-¼" cherry pegs, but so far, so good.
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    Planes I Made

    I have this book: Making Traditional Wooden Planes: Whelan, John M.: 9781879335691: Books I haven't tried to make anything yet, but the instructions are quite detailed
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    Posting a lathe for sale

    Check this thread:
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    Happy Birthday Oka

    Happy Birthday, Casey

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