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  1. gator

    Basswood For Sale

    Tried to send you a private message and the system won't allow. Do you have Your setting turned off? Looks like about a two hour trip each way to Oxford from Ayden.. Maybe could get the NCWW Pony Express working and if that doesn't work, maybe we could work out a meeting in the middle...
  2. gator

    Basswood For Sale

    Evidently the price is too high. Would I get a taker at $150 or is it just good firewood? George
  3. gator

    Basswood For Sale

    My Boo-Boo. 6500 is the cubic inches before dividing by 144. I just typed in the wrong number off of my scribbling. Price is figured on the 45.? bdft. George
  4. gator

    Basswood For Sale

    Cleaned out my Dad's old storage shed (he used to carve totem poles when he was among us) and found some basswood blanks. 8 - 4"x4"x4' and 1 - 2"x4"x4'. Approx 6500 board foot total. Per the internet the going price is $6 to $6.50/bdft. Selling the whole lot for $200. Located in Oxford. George
  5. gator

    And then the magic smoke oozed out of the table saw ...

    Not Craig’s List. Member #2 (after Papa Smurf) on this forum.
  6. gator

    And then the magic smoke oozed out of the table saw ...

    Powermatic 64 circa 2000-2003. $800 Due to age and health I was planning to sell off my shop but have not gotten around to taking inventory etc. Saw your post and deceided to start with the saw. Very good condition and lots of accessories (homemade sled, zc inserts, several blades, push...
  7. gator

    For FredP

    Check you messages. Thanks - gator
  8. gator

    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    From one old fart to another, Happy Birthday.
  9. gator

    What is your most disliked or disappointing tool?

    14" Grizzley bandsaw (circa 2000) with riser kit. Have, like those above, tried every trick I have ever read and still I can't even saw a straight line except with a pivot point fence and guiding by hand.
  10. gator

    Input required

    Two in Oxford, ACIM, the local food bank and MHCO, The Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, Does a fantastic job with "social orphans".
  11. gator

    What is your record for waiting on a part from Grizzly?

    Don't know if it the Pademic or the China policy ut many many thigs are slow right now. My wife has been complaining all summer. She orders things for birthdays and Christmas on line well in advance ( her Christmas gift shopping is done already). 90% of her deliveries take 3-6 months this...
  12. gator

    Check out the latest Member Spotlight - Danmart77

    I may not be the greatest woodworker but at least I have to things in common with Dan. I had a MG TF-1500 that I rallyed and a Volvo 544 that I raced in Maryland many years ago.
  13. gator

    Lucky Lottery Ticket

    54 years ago a couple bought two lottery tickets. I'm not sure if what she got was worth it, but I won big. I got my best friend, lifelong companion, and complete support system. Doesn't seem like 54 years, but then time goes fast when you're having fun. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful...
  14. gator

    Bandsaw lubricant

    I have used PAM cooking spray and not had any problems (finishing or otherwise).
  15. gator

    Input on pipe clamps

    I am not in the shop today so I can't get a picture, but, I cut out of scrap plywood some spaces about 5" overall height, cut a semi circle in the bottom and a 3/4 hole near the top. I slide these on the pipe inside the heads and they work as standoffs from the bench.
  16. gator

    Benchtop hollow Chisel limits

    Have you tried drilling a center hole with the drill press to get rid of the bulk of the waste and then squaring the hole up using the chisel?
  17. gator

    6x48 HF Belts

    I have not had good luck with HF sanding belts, sheets or discs. But I do like their sanding sponges for the price. George
  18. gator

    Looking for Opinions - Production Cutting for RTA Furniture.

    As far as scale of production', I would think you would have to think in the THOUSANDS (plural). Think IKEA. You would have to bring your total cost (material, machine time, packaging, packing, warehousing etc) down to approx 50% of your retail price. George
  19. gator


    Doesn't this change the font of the out-going message? I think that the question was 'can the reader change the font' for easier reading by that reader. George
  20. gator

    Virtual Picnic - May16 4PM Sign up here

    George Summers (aka Gator).

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