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  1. Ericlassiter18

    Finish for a desk top

    I think the top is going to be maple
  2. Ericlassiter18

    Finish for a desk top

    I don’t have a sprayer, so I think I’m going to go with the Armrseal recommended by a few of the people above. Thanks for the help!
  3. Ericlassiter18

    Finish for a desk top

    Going to start making a desktop shortly for a standing desk, and wanted to know what kind of finish you all would recommend. I know you should be writing on some sort of pad to prevent pencil marks anyways, but I want a finish that is going to be durable for the long run.
  4. Ericlassiter18

    Back out to the Raleigh Flea Market on Saturday Oct 24

    Is the honing guide still available?
  5. Ericlassiter18

    Dovetail box glue up

    Thanks for all the replies, sounds like tape will be the way to go. I’m excited to see how it turns out
  6. Ericlassiter18

    Dovetail box glue up

    So I’m planning on making a dovetail jewelry box for my girlfriend for Christmas, and I have a question about glue up. From the videos I’ve watched you assemble the box so that it’s closed and then cut it open to create the top and bottom. My question is, do you do anything to prevent or...
  7. Ericlassiter18

    A Treat For Myself -- My First Lie-Nielsen

    Ive been using old Stanley planes for the past couple years since I cant quite afford a LN right now, but can't wait until the time comes when I can!
  8. Ericlassiter18

    Hello woodworkers

    Hey everyone, happy to be a member of the group. Ive been on the facebook page for the past few months and have learned a lot from there. I hope that the forum will provide me with even more information. I recently graduated from UNC and am applying to medical schools. I picked up woodworking at...
  9. Ericlassiter18

    Picture frame question

    make sure if you plan on using glazing points you have a thick enough frame, I tried on my first frame and had a few bust out thrugh the back because my rabbet wasn't deep enough
  10. Ericlassiter18

    Shopsmith Woodworking Bench - $200 (Kernersville, NC)

    Really nice bench, working on building something similar myself
  11. Ericlassiter18

    For sale: 6" SOLD. Jointer, Dewalt Planer, Harbor Freight DC with Wynn filter, Bosch tablesaw

    Very interested in the planer, but cant find the direct message, please message me if possible. May be because my account is still new, I am also happy to communicate by phone or email. The planer would be a VERY helpful addition to the hand planes I currently use for all my work

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