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  1. jerrye

    Oscillating Multi-tools: What do you have? What's good? What's bad?

    I have a couple of these, a Ryobi 18v and a corded FastCraft that I got at Costco. Both work well for what they are designed to do. I started with the Harbor Freight model, then went to Sonicrafter before settling on my current tools. Blades make more of a difference with these tools than with...
  2. jerrye

    Battery Powered Chainsaws

    I have the 12" bar brushless Ryobi, and it cuts great for what it is designed to do. It is my go-to limbing saw. I also have the Greenworks 80v 18" saw. It impresses someone every time I use it. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. No vibration; quiet enough to use without hearing protection; not as...
  3. jerrye

    Slidin Miter Saw Advice

    I bought A 12" Hitachi slider from CPO. Look at what they have to offer. The biggest advantage a recon tool has over a new one, other than price, is that every single unit is tested before shipment, whereas new tools only have representative samples pulled from the line and tested.
  4. jerrye

    Anyone recommend a cordless router?

    +2 on Ryobi, with a caveat... I've had one of these routers for a while. As mentioned above, for what it is it performs well. Mine has always had an issue with the depth adjustment slipping. No more than I use mine, I just check it from time to time in use. If I used it more I'd address and...
  5. jerrye

    I'm Going To Need Some Sunglasses

    In y'alls opinion, will a single unit replace a two bulb flourescent fixture?
  6. jerrye

    Cartons and packing supplies

    52/17/4 is likely a non-standard size carton. I doubt you'll find anyone with those on the shelf, though you might get close with a five panel folder or telescopic. My recommendation would be to find standard cartons that you can adapt to your needs, using more than one if necessary to make up...
  7. jerrye

    A place to sell work

    After more than a quarter century of sales experience, much of that spent looking for the perfect, one-size-fits-all pitch, I can attest to the accuracy of this statement.
  8. jerrye

    Tick Stick

    That would not work like what I suggested, as the stick would still be higher than the opening you're trying to measure. IMO the imprecision comes from the end of the stick and the corner being measured having different heights. Not significantly different, perhaps, but different nonetheless...
  9. jerrye

    Tick Stick

    I wonder if more precise results would come from placing a thin brad or some other metal shaft a little inward from the tip? Using it as indicated in the video would require careful placement as close as possible to the corner, whereas a small brad or thin shaft added which protruded below the...
  10. jerrye

    Pallet tool

    This may help.
  11. jerrye

    Still scrolling

    Nice. 3mm BB?
  12. jerrye

    Sheet Plastic

    This saw will do the job faster and cleaner than you might think. Use a low angle when cutting and things will go smoothly.
  13. jerrye

    Stealth gloat and question

    Scored a used-only-once DW734 planer for $260, but the manuals are missing. Where can I find them to download? TIA
  14. jerrye

    Whatever happened to Ethan? (May be triggering to some)

    Ethan, you've taken care of us for a while now. It's time for us to take care of you. That's what living in community is about. My wife shares much of your history and current situation, so I am capable of understanding a bit of what you're enduring. Praying for you, friend...
  15. jerrye

    Multifit blades: superior service

    The washer and screw arrived today, along with a complimentary titanium coated blade and a handwritten note of apology from the service manager. As soon as I get a chance I'll report on the blade quality, but unless it's total junk I think Multifit has become my vendor of oscillating tool...
  16. jerrye

    Multifit blades: superior service

    I have an assortment of blades, some Japanese tooth. The standard tooth blades in my experience last longer but don't cut as fast as the Japanese tooth blades do. The downfall of Japanese tooth blades is that one touch on metal ruins them. What I ordered from Multifit this time was a...
  17. jerrye

    Multifit blades: superior service

    I recently ordered a replacement washer and bolt for my Ryobi cordless oscillating tool from Multifit Blades. The tracking showed it waiting in a USPS facility in NY for several days. This is not unusual IMO, as I have had tracking for packages that shipped via USPS show still in the location of...
  18. jerrye

    Hello all.

    Another Edmonds, spelled the right way! ;) Welcome to the community. We love pics, by the way. Don't really matter of what...
  19. jerrye

    this good for scrollers? W-S facebook

    Looks like underlayment to me. Some will use underlayment for projects, others only for practice. It does tend to have thin face veneers and a somewhat high number of voids. At $1/sheet it may be worth a shot, with the understanding that it ain't baltic birch.
  20. jerrye

    Getting out of woodworking

    Head on over to "Who We Are" and introduce yourself, and that'll take care of one of 'em! :D

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