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  1. DSWalker

    Bought a New Leaf Rake Last Night

    Sounds like the one I use to rake up sweet gum balls. They are nice and cover a LARGE swath with each pull.
  2. DSWalker

    Start your own medieval army...

    Looks like you'd do well in a 'Walking Dead' world.
  3. DSWalker

    My raffle prize

    I received it in the mail this week. Much to my surprise, there were twice the number of bottles than I was expecting! This is like a lifetime prize for me. Thanks to all involved in the entire raffle/fund raiser process.
  4. DSWalker

    2020 Raffle Prize Winners!

    Just saw my email! I won a trans tint dye kit. That is awesome and my first time winning something. I had planned to watch, but ended up getting the grandkids for the weekend and completely forgot till I saw the email. Big thanks to all involved in the fund raiser!
  5. DSWalker

    Summer Projects

    Very nice!! But did she pay "The shop" $3000?
  6. DSWalker

    Replacement windows

    Hey Jeff, I can't respond to Anderson, however I will provide info on Window World. I replaced all of my windows about 10 years ago with the WW brand. Almost ALL of them have had broken seals, and mold or algae growing between the panes. They did replace them at no charge (lifetime...
  7. DSWalker

    Miter gauge fence - $20 (Winston Salem)

    Someone will grab that fast!
  8. DSWalker

    Meditation table/Bench for my niece

    Ambrosia maple and Purple heart top. Legs are white oak with ebony stain. Niece visited from TN specifically to help with this project. She did all of the sanding, oiling the top and staining the legs. I made the cuts and put together. Quick little project. She is thrilled with it.
  9. DSWalker

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    Mine was required for the inspection. They considered it a wet area even though my shop is fully enclosed, insulated and HVAC controlled.
  10. DSWalker

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    I did move it further away from the outlet. May try moving it back closer and seeing what happens to diagnose a bit deeper. Will also check that original outlet. But I do think Ive used it regularly without further issues on other equip.
  11. DSWalker

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    A while back my drill press started kicking the GFI breaker immediately when I turned the power on. It did it multiple times and I just put it in the corner and forgot about it because I rarely need it. Today, I plugged it into a different outlet (same circuit) turned it on and works fine...
  12. DSWalker

    Spalted maple stain options

    Agreed. I'm hoping she goes with the oil. But we will see.
  13. DSWalker

    Spalted maple stain options

    What type oil did you use, and was the wood as light as mine prior to oiling? I think she might like this. She is coming over from TN tomorrow for the weekend, so this is going to be a really quick build.
  14. DSWalker

    Spalted maple stain options

    Update: worked till about 8 PM last night. Niece was actively assisting and asking what she could do to help. Going with the BLO. She still wants it darker. May run to Lowes and see if another oil might help darken it a little more. This has about 3 coats so far. Also added a strip of...
  15. DSWalker

    Jointer Planer 6-1/8" Rigid JP0600 - $175 (Berkshire Forest - Myrtle Beach)

    Yep, if its running, thats a deal. I got a similar sized one, including the same rust, for $250 and thought that was a decent price.
  16. DSWalker

    Free large monitors

    Thanks again Phil! I did make my ticket purchase!! Good to see you too Steve.
  17. DSWalker

    Free large monitors

    I can come Wednesday as well. Let us know where.
  18. DSWalker

    Free large monitors

    Hey Phil. when you say monitor, does that mean must be attached to computer to operate? Wondering if I can cast my YouTube TV to it from my phone. If you think that would work, I could pick one up this week. Would be a great addition to the shop. Edited: Read up on this using info you...
  19. DSWalker

    Disposable Gloves

    Any autoparts store. Mechanics gloves. Heavier duty, so they are reusable depending on what you are using them for. Not sure if nitrile or not.
  20. DSWalker

    Interest in standing or fresh sawn oak lumber?

    I'm too far away to be interested in the lumber, but do have a suggestion for the lumber. I had a pole barn type shop built a few years back using 6"×6" poles. They installed the exterior siding, but left the interior unfinished. I cut a bunch of pine from my property and had a mobil sawmill...

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