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  1. KenOfCary

    Commission for the church

    Not sure if this is allowed. Feel free to delete if not appropriate. This is just a woodworking project I was asked to do for the local church. They needed something lighter than the heavy brass pieces in the sanctuary to use for the outdoor services that we're having during the Covid crisis...
  2. KenOfCary

    Pistachio Pedestal

    My sister say this and thinks its really cool with a place to put the shells. Wants me to make one. Trying to figure out how it is put together. Looks kind of like a router bowl inside another router bowl.
  3. KenOfCary

    Golden Mallet Voting for 2020

    This award is given to the person that best exemplifies the spirit of NCWW. Nominees this year are Roberta Moreton (Berta) and Richard Moore (Graywolf) Please select one. Voting will end about this time of day on May 15th.
  4. KenOfCary

    Golden Mallet Nominations

    Once again it is time to nominate members for the Golden Mallet award. This shall be presented to the member that we choose to be the best representative of the spirit of NCWW, the friendliest and most helpful site on the internet. Nominations should be posted to this thread (current board...
  5. KenOfCary

    Call for Nominations

    We have just posted a Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors of NCWW in the Corporate Forum. You must be a Corporate Member to Run or Vote in the election. Corporate Membership is simple - you just need to opt in to it and provide your actual address and contact information. The...
  6. KenOfCary

    Question for Dave Richards re: Sketchup Training Videos

    Just got an email from WWGOA offering a two DVD Sketchup Course. As I recall, you also have a Training Video(s) available. Can you provide a link where I can find your version of this. Thanks.
  7. KenOfCary

    Join us for the Sunday Morning Chat - 9AM

    Don't forget about the time change, but join us at 9AM in the Chat Rooms. Icon in the lower right corner. No set topic, just a bunch of us conversing about whatever we think about a particular day. Every week at 9AM Sunday.
  8. KenOfCary

    Less than 5 hours left to buy tickets online

    The first roll is really getting small and the curl is quite evident. Buy now for your best chance to win. Of course we'll also be selling tickets at the picnic tomorrow for cash or check. This is your last chance to use a credit card to purchase tickets. The online sales end at 11:59...
  9. KenOfCary

    Embrace the curl - Raffle Tickets - buy now

    Buy often. The curl is increasing as the roll gets smaller. This has been scientifically proven to enhance your chance of winning. Buy tickets, win prizes, support NCWW. What more could you ask? We haven't had to beg for funding in three years now due to the success of the raffle ticket...
  10. KenOfCary

    Lucky Ticket #3000

    I just purchased Raffle Ticket #3000 - the 1000th ticket sold. We are now halfway to the end of the first roll of tickets and halfway to our goal. They are getting curlier. The curlier the ticket the more chance it will be drawn from the drum. And yes, we have an official raffle ticket drum...
  11. KenOfCary

    Need some help in Cary Saturday

    I plan to bring the trailer to Cary this Saturday to load the lumber that is stored in my Carport to bring it here to Floyd where I moved. I need a couple of people to help me load it on the trailer. I'll be there around 11 AM and expect it to take 1-2 hours depending on how much help we have...
  12. KenOfCary

    Highland Woodworking interview w/Megan Fitzpatrick

    Highland Woodworking's regular series has an interesting interview with Megan Fitzpatrick this month.
  13. KenOfCary

    Cub Scout Project Ideas?

    My sister in Indiana is a Scout Leader and has made this request of me. I don't have many ideas, but thought somebody here might. Please help her out with some ideas. Good morning! We are looking for a woodworking project for cub scouts that combines history (theme is 100 Years of Scouting)...
  14. KenOfCary

    Request from a Woodworker out west

    Can you help this guy find a 5/8 x 12 reverse thread nut for his Table Saw? If so, post here and one of our admins will forward to his email address which we're not posting in open forum. Or PM one of us and we'll give you the address if you need to speak to him further. Here is the message...
  15. KenOfCary

    Remember to *SMILE*

    Click the graphic above to go to with NCWW selected as your charity.
  16. KenOfCary

    Estate Sale in Floyd, VA - table saw, etc

    Lots of stuff here - there's a Table Saw buried in there somewhere. It is Friday/Saturday Nov 2nd/3rd - It's really getting pretty up here - good time for a trip to the mountains.
  17. KenOfCary

    Estate Sale in Troutville VA - woodworking stuff

    There are a lot of pieces of ww equip for sale at this one. Lathe, Scroll Saw, Band Saw, Jointer, Table Saw (might be a Unisaw) and more.
  18. KenOfCary

    Happy Birthday Berta and Bill

    Berta and Bill Clemmons both have birthdays today. Happy, happy.
  19. KenOfCary

    Antique BackSplash

    Finally got a fairly major project done in the new shop. The wife and I bought an Antique Serving Cabinet at one of the local Antique shops in the area. It was obviously missing a piece that went on the back of it, so I got some Quarter Sawn White Oak to match the piece and built a BackSplash...

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