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    Adding an outlet in a concrete floor.

    I've been thinking about adding an outlet in the floor of my garage workshop's concrete floor so that I can get the table saw's power cord out of the way. i know that there will be a need to cut a channel through the concrete to give access to run the cable and conduit from the wall. So here...
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    Looking for July/Aug. copy of Woodworker's Journal.

    Does anyone have a copy of the July/Aug. edition of Woodworker's Journal? I'm looking at building some top bar beehives and wanted to check out their design. Please PM me if you are willing to part with your copy. Thanks! -NCGrimbo
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    Cordless drill and some smoke.

    I was using my B&D 20V cordless drill this past weekend to remove some 2" screws from a bunch of 2x4's. One screw didn't come out and the drill let out some smoke from one of the vents. I immediately let go of the trigger and then pulled the battery out of the drill. The drill didn't feel...
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    Free apple wood

    Not my post on Craigslist: Might be some wood that a turner could use. -NCGrimbo
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    Outdoor storage box door question.

    I've built a storage box connected to my deck and I'm going to be building the door for it this weekend. I'll be using 3 pressure treated 3/4" x 6" boards that are 26" long to make up the door. (Final deminsions of 3/4" thick, 26" high, and 16.5" wide) I'm trying to figure out the best way to...
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    Open ended drum sanders.

    I've got a question for those of you that have a drum sander where one side is open. How many of you have run a board wider than the drum size and how did it turn out? For example, running a 20" board through a Jet 16-32 drum sander. Also, have you had any issues with the feeder and the drum...
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    Delta 12.5" TP305 feed rollers not feeding.

    So I've finally gotten around to working on a project where I need to joint and plane some wood after 2.5 years of doing simple projects using pine and oak from Lowes. I ran the boards through the jointer after cleaning the light surface rust off of it and then moved to the planer. Other than...
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    Looking for 1.5"h X 15"w X 15"l walnut.

    Anyone know of a good source for a 1.5"h X 15"w X 15"l walnut block that's fully dried? I'm local to Raleigh and would prefer something within 60 or 80 miles to here. Thanks. -NCGrimbo
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    Table saw wing as a router table.

    I've got a Unisaw with the 52" Biesemeyer fence and I can't think of when I've used more than about 24-30" of the space to the right while sawing. I've also seen a lot of people that have used some of the space as a router table. I've currently built my router table into my bench top, but I'm...
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    Balancing a circle of wood.

    My brother and I are working on a prize wheel. I cut the circle out of some left over funiture grade plywood using a circle jig and a router. The circle came out perfect with one problem. When it's mounted vertically and spun, it always stops at the same point due to the weight being uneven...
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    Routing through 8/4 wood.

    I'm getting ready to work on a new project and I'll be doing something that I've never done before and need some advice. I'm going to be routing wavy lines on some different species of wood and then glueing them together to form a single piece of wood. I found this image as an example of what...
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    Designing/building hidden doors.

    I'm going to begin finishing my attic into liveable space this year and one feature I've always wanted was a storage area with a hidden door. Something similare to these: or Has anyone done something like this? Can I...
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    Wood to not use for a cutting board.

    Are there any wood species that anyone would not use when making a cutting board? I know that some wood is unhealthy if the sawdust is breathed in and I was wondering if that holds true if it's made into a cutting board. -NCGrimbo
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    Pack ratting boards & cutoffs.

    Has anyone else looked at their wood pile and realized that they are a pack rat when it comes to boards and cut offs? I'm getting rid of my current wood shelves to move to a vertical storage system to save some space and I realized that I've been a pack rat when it comes to wood. Rather than...
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    Vertical Lumber Storage Rack Plans.

    I've decided to move my lumber from shelves to a vertical rack but I don't have any layout plans to build the vertical rack. Can anyone point me in a good direction for some? Thanks, NCGrimbo
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    Walnut and a contrasting wood question.

    Hi all. I'm going to be making a box for my sister's daughter to hold papers and stuff as she grows up. In the past, I've done these boxes using maple and and cherry as contrasting woods. This time, I thought I'd try walnut, but I'm not sure what a good contrasting wood would be. Any...
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    Panel Moving Shuttle.

    I didn't see this in a search of the site, but if it's been posted before, then here it is again. :wsmile: It's a nice and simple little set of plans for a device to help lift and move sheet goods by yourself.
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    Omnijig vs. other dovetail jigs.

    I've been looking at getting a dovetail jog for many years, but haven't been able to decide on what to go with. I'm now leaning towards the Omnijig from PC/Delta. It seems to me that it will really make the setup super easy compared to other jigs. Does anyone on the site have experience using...
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    Finishing in cooler temperatures.

    I'm going to be applying some stain and poly on a project soon and I'm a little concerned about the temperature in my workshop. If I run my heaters for about 2 hours, I can get the temp in the 60's in the shop when the outside temps are in the 50's or cooler. (My shop/garage's exterior walls...
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    RAS pops fuse.

    I bought an old, used Craftsman RAS about 2 years ago even though it pop a fuse at the old owners house when I test ran it. I got it home and I was just getting it set up last winter when I was laid up for a while. Now I've finally gotten back to wanting to get it fixed. It is still poping a...

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