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  1. Rwe2156

    Disappointed with my sharpening service how to handle?

    I've been using them for years and the do a good job, but I just got my Forrest Dado King set back and it is so totally botched its ridiculous! Horribly uneven grooves. Needless to say I was totally PO'd. I am going tomorrow to pick up another dado set I left off, an almost new Dadonator...
  2. Rwe2156

    Ever had this happen to your router?

    I checked my other router both brush caps were loose. Fortunately this one didn't fly too far away. I
  3. Rwe2156

    Compressor failure - can anyone tell whats wrong?

    I posted this over on Lumberjocks but thought there might be someone knowledgeable here. Here's the history: 5HP IR compressor (SS5). Walked outside one night heard a God-awful noise coming from shop kind of a combination of a diesel and a jake brake. The compressor sounded like it was going...
  4. Rwe2156

    Yes, you can route cast iron!

    I've seen it but just couldn't wrap my head around it. That is, until I routed miter slot extensions into my outfeed table (its not installed in photo) and found out after the fact that the router must have slipped a bit and I routed a little of the cast iron. The reason I mentioned this is I...
  5. Rwe2156

    Anyone priced cherry plywood lately?

    Been a long time I think it was $60 last time I bought any. $98/sheet :oops::oops:
  6. Rwe2156

    T track clamp

    I've been looking for a while and finally found these. All the others I found only work with a plate. 5/16 T track bolt fits right in it!
  7. Rwe2156

    Locating a sawmill/planning a trip

    Been looking for 12/4 walnut and cherry. So far, I've located some at the Hardwood store and I will stop by and see Eric at the sawmill in Raeford, too. I live in NE FL & wondering if there are any other sawmills in a reasonable distance off the I-95 corridor.
  8. Rwe2156

    Sourcing 12/4 walnut

    So far the only place I've found it is the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville. Looking for other suggestions. Thanks, guys.
  9. Rwe2156

    Image source for Antitque Furniture

    On a recent visit to Charleston, SC we toured a couple homes with museum pieces of 18th Century furniture. Quite impressive. I found this while researching the Edward Holmes bookcase and thought it would be useful to some of y'all: Chipstone Furniture Collection at the University of Wisconsin...
  10. Rwe2156

    Removing warp from a door with heat.

    LOL. This isn't the first time something has ended up in the burn pile. This was an arched door that I forgot to check for flatness in the clamps. But my point is that depending on the part and stage of a project, it is quicker to make a new one than correct an issue. Even though you may...
  11. Rwe2156

    Advice on solving a possum issue..

    I'm posting this here cause I think there are enough good ole country boys to help me figure this out. Saw a possum in the back yard a few times he is obviously affected by some nervous disease, shaking, walking in circles, and looks pretty decripit. Before I could get my 410 and get out there...
  12. Rwe2156

    QSWO Dining Table finally done

    Well here is the end result. The top was noticeably darker after the gel stain, but I think it adds depth. Thanks to Josh and Scott for some great lumber (qswo and walnut) you know who you are :-) To summarize the process for those interested: 1. 2 coats dye stain (1:1 medium brown/amber...
  13. Rwe2156

    QSWO Table - my recipe

    After a lot of experimenting, I came up with a mixture of amber + med brown (1:1). This is General Finishes water based dye. For those interested here is the result (sorry for orientation I can't get it to post right):
  14. Rwe2156

    Guys don't do this!!

    I've had a habit of leaving stuff like rulers, etc in the well of my fence for years and years. The other day, some how right at the end of a cut, this allen wrench somehow flipped out and landed where you see it just as I was shutting down the saw. Luckily I was leaning over toward the switch...
  15. Rwe2156

    Sawmill find

    Josh in the Fayetteville area. Good selection of lumber at very reasonable prices. Hes on Craigslist. Send a PM I'll fwd his #.
  16. Rwe2156

    Cherry Dresser

  17. Rwe2156

    Looking for QSWO Eastern NC

    I'm from NE FL so far no luck finding any around here. So far I've found these guys and this place I don't really want to drive 16 hours to get lumber but I'll do it if I have to. :)
  18. Rwe2156

    Looking for lumber

    I'm looking for rough cherry 5/4, 75-100 BF. I live in N FL. Have trailer, will travel. Thanks.
  19. Rwe2156

    WW'ing Classes

    Looking for recommendations for classes in SE US. Friend of mine just got back from Lonnie Byrd's said it was very good. Thanks.
  20. Rwe2156

    My turn for a CL deal....FINALLY!

    I'm usually a dollar short and a day late. I was going to pull the trigger on the Rikon mortiser on sale at Woodcraft last Thursday low and behold Wed night I get a notification from my CL app "mortiser". It was a Powermatic floor model. Made the hour drive to check it out. It was hardly...

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