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  1. Shamrock

    Walnut Serpentine Table 2019-04-16

    This is a walnut serpentine front table with aspen and ebony string inlay. The decorative boxes are of Spalted Maple from a tree I harvested over 10 years ago. The banding on the legs is from Matt Furjanic and the walnut top is from Kyle, while the base walnut is from Rick. A great example of...
  2. Shamrock


    Yep-phone is the same. Also for those of you who where asking. website is just sort of a place holder for now, have not posted any new content in a few, most of my day to day stuff is on Instagram under shamrockwoodstudio
  3. Shamrock


    Well hello friends! You're right long time no update. So here goes, graduated both North Bennet and the New England School of Architectural Woodworking, and am now living just outside of Boston in a town called Dedham. My wife and I (after 14 years of home ownership in Charlotte, and the...
  4. Shamrock

    DW 735 Byrd Shelix conversion question

    George, yes snipe is natural but ALL machines do not snipe, and most good machines have adjustments you can make to eliminate snipe. The Dewalt I have with the factory straight knife set had no snipe! I’ve adjusted snipe out of many machines.
  5. Shamrock

    DW 735 Byrd Shelix conversion question

    Dan I did the conversion with the older simpler method: My take - easier install - makes it quieter for sure. However.... the reason they made the newer OEM version is because of the folowing 2 significant issues (or not so significant depending on how you do your rough/finish milling) The...
  6. Shamrock

    Congratulations to Shamrock

    Thanks all for the congrats, it all started here. Through NC woodworker I've met some incredible woodworkers and managed to gain some new lifelong friends. Thanks to you all! And as a special treat, here's the rear view of the table: As happy as I am with the front, I'm most excited about...
  7. Shamrock

    Olive Ash Burl and Wenge Coffee Table

    Wowzer-now that's a piece of Olive Ash! You did it proud. :eusa_clap
  8. Shamrock

    Another Something Different

    Charlie, I'm glad you've started these forms, I know you've wanted to try them for the challenge and they look fantastic! Well done indeed:eusa_clap
  9. Shamrock

    Latest Harpsichord finished - at last

    Another great one, now you've got me wanting to go check out the original!
  10. Shamrock

    July 2016 Contest - Veneer

    Alright Dan, I'll bite-here's how scales was done. Started off with the shape: Then I made a grid of the overall pattern: Then I rough cut the shapes out of the 4 veneer species and sand shaded the edges Then to the scrollsaw to "cut in each piece" Then back to the grid to add the...
  11. Shamrock

    July 2016 Contest - Veneer

    Table inspired by the show "Game of Thrones" called "scales":
  12. Shamrock

    North Bennet Street Semester 2 Projects - Shamrock gettin'r'done

    Here goes-I stayed busy this semester playing cards and building furniture. My goal of coarse was to complete all of my required pieces for the 2 year NBSS program in 1 year. (That's the shaker nightstand, the toolbox, a chair, a table, and a case piece) I took care of the 1st 2 + a few other...
  13. Shamrock

    Roubo Workbench 2016 Build

    ####-now that's the way to use some Euro Beech! well done
  14. Shamrock

    North Bennet Street School - Shamrocks Semester 1 Projects

    Well hello fellow NC Woodworkers and happy winter from the not so great white north. I think you all may have received more snow this year than us so far! :gar-BiAlas I digress. The real point is to catch you all up on the 1st semester of NBSS projects. If you want more of the specifics of the...
  15. Shamrock

    Who are today's furniture design and craftsman rock stars?

    Here's a few on my watch list: the ones you probably know 1) Michael Fortune 2) Jeff Miller 3) Brian Boggs and a few you may not know 4) Craig Thibodeau 5) Reed Hansuld not a complete list by any means but just a little of the fuel that I use to get some inspiration when I need it! And...
  16. Shamrock

    Popular Woodworking Readers EXcellence Awards

    Congrats-you deserve it! I've been impressed with your progress and can't wait to see what you come up with next
  17. Shamrock

    A Impromptu student "plane off" -- NBSS week 3

    Hank, I totally agree with Paul, that's why I included the results of the Veritas #4. That India Medium is exactly what Paul was talking about. It really surprised us all and was definitely a learning experience. The other thing to note for most folks here is that we are hollow grinding at...
  18. Shamrock

    A Impromptu student "plane off" -- NBSS week 3

    Hello all again, as promised here, I'm pleased to detail the results of our 1st annual impromptu student "plane off". A quick background 1st. Last week many of us (i.e 1st year students at NBSS) bought used planes at the MJD tool auction in Nashua, NH. My prize was a Stanley Bailey #4 for $25...
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