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    2020 Raffle Prize - ShopBot

    12/30/2020 is only 3 months. I assume you mean 12/30/2021. :)
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    Disposable Gloves

    Keep checking Amazon. I picked up a pack of nitrile gloves from them a week or so ago. They were $22 for 100, so a little more than double the normal price. I'd give you a link, but I just checked and they are out of stock again.
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    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    Steel toe sneakers from Caterpillar footwear.
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    Reminder-Official raffle prize list

    If the drawing happens without the picnic, I'd suggest using some sort of video conferencing software so those who want to see the picks can see them.
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    Amazon App Now Has Smile

    Unfortunately, when you turn it on it requires you to allow notifications before letting you use the app for smile donations. I don't allow notifications, so I guess the only smile donations from me will come if I use the web site.
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    Bandsaw drift

    You may need to do a tune up to stop the drift. This is what I refer to when I need to do one:
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    Lock Miter Bit opinions, good/bad?

    I've got two of them. One if for wood up to 3/4" thick and the other one can handle up to 1 1/8". I've not thought about how much weight they can support since I used them in a joint that was vertical, not like your proposed horizontal joint. The joint has a lot more surface area than a...
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    Adding an outlet in a concrete floor.

    Thanks for all the responses. Sounds like putting the outlet in the ceiling may be a better option even if the wire will be hanging down.
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    Adding an outlet in a concrete floor.

    I've been thinking about adding an outlet in the floor of my garage workshop's concrete floor so that I can get the table saw's power cord out of the way. i know that there will be a need to cut a channel through the concrete to give access to run the cable and conduit from the wall. So here...
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    American Flag project completed

    Great looking flag. If you have 9x19mm parabellum casings and if the wood is more than 3/4" thick you wouldn't need to trim the brass. Just drill 3/4" deep holes for each casing.
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    It's HOT outside.

    I have a two car garage shop that I cool with a portable AC unit that is vented out through a hole in the wall. Works great even in these 95+ degree / 100% humidity days.
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    Dust Masks, for those of us with glasses

    I use an airshield pro with the built in fan and hearing protection. I haven't had any issues with it fogging up.
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    Just a Quick Shop Survey

    2 car garage - 20 x 22 or so.
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    Rockwell Jawhorse on sale

    Because there is already a Lowes in South Raleigh/Garner. :-)
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    OMG - Captial City Lumber

    The drive from Raleigh to Gibsonville is approximately 65 miles and takes a little over 1 hour. My truck gets 15 mpg (very old truck) and I pay $2.75 a gallon for gas. The round trip cost me about $25 in gas plus my time. Assume $30 an hour for my time and that's a total of $85 for time and...
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    How much saw dust do you make?

    The back 5' of my lot is wooded and I dump my sawdust back there when the can get full.
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    Shop Heater

    I run 2 of these in my 2-car garage and it heats the place up to about 68 degrees after running for about an hour or so. Only 1 wall of the garage is insulated.
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    4' Round Dining table

    I would definitely look at plywood for the top the adding a vernier edging. I've got a similar sized poker table that I made at home and cutting the circular top for it was easy using a router jig. As for the base, it doesn't have to be turned. My pedestal base has a hexagon shaped bottom...
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    Tool Review: Dema's Brass Hammer

    i think the original poster should change the title of this thread to "Political discussion of copyright law". Can a mod lock this thread to prevent tempers from flaring?
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    A&C Mantle Clock

    Nice work. I love clocks like that.

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