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    Sliding hinge ??

    I have a pull out trash can under my island. You have to open the door and then pull out the can which is on a REV a shelf pull out. I want some type of mechanism that will pull out the can when i open the door and push it back when the door is closed. I have a vague idea but some of you...
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    Jet sander spindle

    I have a Jet floor model sander. Mod 700 I think. Any one ever sucsessfully removed the paper from a one inch spindle once it has been used. Mine is solidly stuck to the spindle and will not budge. I 'm about to cut it off but that means the end of that paper. Thanks
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    Chrome plating

    I have an old Silvertone guitar I am restroring. The part that holds the strings was originally chromed and is now totally rusted. Does anyone know a shop that will mess with small plating jobs.Have tried several in SC to no avail. Thanks .
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    Leather for vice jaws

    I have an Emmert vise that I made wooden jaw liners for and use it daily. I have a project that is too delicate for the wooden jaws so I decided to use a leather liner. There must be some kind of oil or dye in the leather as it is transferring to the object I am clamping. Have any of you had...
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    looking for ONE INCH HDF whole or half sheet

    Looking to build a new router table. I have tried phenolic. Its too hard to work with. I need a product called High Density Fiberboard. Thanks
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    how do I post an article

    I have been a member for some time but have never been able to post to Articles. I type the message but cannot figure how to send. Help please thanks:confused:
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    Need some S2S basswood and or poplar 1/2 and 5/4 .

    Making some interior shutters and am running out of stock. The only lumber supplier close by is a boutique and the prices are too high. Would like kd No 1 and better basswood or poplar . S2S 1/2 inch and 1 in. I live in Columbia ,SC but would be willing to travel say 2 hrs or so. Thanks
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    Spray-able non grainraising primer

    Need a primer less volatile than lacquer that I can spray on bare wood and not raise the grain. Will be spaying plantation shutters I plan to make. Once the wood is primed i can use any number of water based finishes .The primer needs to be white and fast drying.Any suggestions?
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    Changing an ad in Classified

    I think I want to re post my ad as several pieces since I am getting no responses trying to sell as a complete unit. How do I delete . I know how to post. Thanks, Strom:confused:
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    New Member

    Hello to all, My name is Strom Johnston and I live in Columbia,SC. I have been wood working and metal working for many years and am learning something new everyday. I stumbled on this site one day and have enjoyed it since. I enjoy the classified and will do some posting there . I have a...

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