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    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    I've been using this COVID lock down time (working from home) to practice my hand cut joinery (between meetings ;)). I was tired of having to get all of my tools out of storage when needed and decided to make small tool totes. One for my router plane set, one for my hand planes and one to house...
  2. J

    Upholstered Furniture Building Help

    I'm looking into building my own customer sized to fit sofa/couch w/ large ottoman (with top opening for storage) for our future home. We don't want to pay $4k+, I've found a local upholster but need to know frame construction methodologies. I've searched this forum as well as LumberJocks and...
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    Knew Concepts fret saw blades (not coping saw)?

    Hey, I've not really been able to find much researching what blades folks like best and why for the Knew Concepts fret saws (3", 5" or 8" Mk II or IV not their coping saw). Most of what I see says go with the Pegas brand and skip tooth but nothing really discussing which TPI 15 (which it comes...
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    Planing board w/ changing grain direction

    I’m trying to true up a piece of birch for practicing hand cut joinery and just wanted to plane the edge grain for the heck of it to make it feel smooth. In doing so I noticed the grain goes from uphill to downhill on the same face due to a knot on the board’s face. I’ve tried a Stanley #4...
  5. J

    Harvey Woodworking Machinery

    Anyone familiar with this brand ? Just recently heard about them and noticed there's a dealer in NC at the wood working school referenced on this site. Looks like they're trying to compete somewhat with Grizzly due to the option to buy direct & some of their pricing on certain tool lines...
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    Kinetic Sculptures

    Very interesting Enjoy
  7. J

    Q&A - Science Behind Wood Coatings

    Hey, If you're like me and have been very confused or overwhelmed when trying to first learn about/understand wood coatings then know that I have a great opportunity coming my way next week (1/23/2020). I'll be having lunch with someone that is an expert the wood coatings industry and can...
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    Workshop size for building king size beds

    Hey, looking for input on those the may regularly build king size beds. I’ve got a new workshop planned that’s a 30’x40’ (10’ ceiling) as I feel this would be a comfortable size to build & finish a king size platform bed. I built one (also a queen) in my previous 14×24 shop but it was far too...
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    Fire Starter

    Nothing like beautiful good smelling very dry hand plane shavings collection to start a fire. Marshmallows ready to go. Fall is near.
  10. J

    Salvaging Logs During Lot Clearing

    I just purchased almost 2.5ac in Belews Creek, NC and plan to build a new home and garage/workshop in 3-4 yrs. The property is fully wooded and almost all hardwoods. I've not yet taken a deep dive into identifying all of the trees of interest for future wood working projects but I know I have...
  11. J

    Handsaw practice

    So after selling my log home with dedicated shop I am finally getting around to learning how to perform hand cut joinery. Step one for me is to learn how to use my dovetail saw. I took with me from the move a couple of scrap boards of birch for practicing on. I first marked every 1/8” all the...
  12. J

    New Toys & First Shooting Board Success

    So I took birthday & Christmas funds to get a few nice to haves. Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane w/ PM-V11 blade, Veritas Router Plane w/ fence, and Veritas Honing Guide (I'm not good enough to go by hand and not enough time to practice and my cheap honing guide couldn't handle my new 1/8" chisel)...
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    Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Project

    I came across this video series and had no idea this existed. What a wonder idea / way to help our vets. Maybe one day we can put together something like this for some local vets !
  14. J

    Walnut NC

    I made this really quick for a colleague that'll be moving to a new position in a new location within our company. Printed off silhouette image, double sided taped it to a piece of scrap walnut, cut out on the bandsaw, cut the finer areas with a scroll saw, then sanded the back and flats. The...
  15. J

    Log Planter

    Just finished this as a fund raiser donation. I've completed over the years more quick crafty projects like this, log tealight candles, and small rustic log furniture pieces than anything else. They are fun quick projects for the busy person who aspires to be a retired woodworker someday ...
  16. J

    Turned Mallet

    I had never turned anything until learning how at the recent Stokes Stomp outreach, then helping a few kids make light sabers, this is the only thing I've ever turned. My buddy at work lives close to our work and he has a lathe. I had these rough chunks of walnut and something else (I think...
  17. J

    Delta 36-600 arbor nut needed !

    Hey, I have a Delta 36-600 table saw and the arbor nut (p/n Delta Hex Nut - 902012012567) is very hard to come by. The nut I current have has been worn down over the years and now almost impossible to get off as it's been so rounded off (even before I bought it used). The threads are in perfect...
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    King Platform Bed w/ drawers, built-in floating nightstands, mason jar lights & blanket chest

    Sorry for the long post. This should’ve been a blog and posted in many parts but I never seem to have time for those kinds of things along the way so now that I’ve got a few minutes I’m typing this out and posting. I hope the pics show up correctly… This was by far my most ambitious &...
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    Resawing Guidelines

    Hey, I've searched a bit on a couple forums as well as Youtube for general guidelines for resawing but seem to be coming up short with what I wish to learn. I do not have a ton of time to search right now and someone is asking for help resawing a some ~8-1/2" wide x 5/4 spanish cedar into 3/16...
  20. J

    Grizzly G1023 owners in Piedmont Triad area

    Checking to see if anyone in the Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point (or north) area have a Grizzly G1023 series table saw that would be willing to let me see it / get a feel for it right quick ? I only ask as my colleague has the G0690 model table saw and he let me get a feel for it today...

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