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  1. J

    Porter Cable 690 D handle Router

    I have 2 690 motors and 4 bases including a D handle. It's a good mid sized router. Not the latest and greatest but in this case, that means more metal and less plastic.
  2. J

    Bed with integrated Dresser progress

    Very nice!
  3. J

    Klingspor's / Woodcraft Question

    I got my Jet bandsaw at Woodcraft in Greenville last Saturday. I purchased it on August 31, the last day of their $200 off sale, and it just came in. If I had called earlier on the 31st, I might have gotten it quicker as they sold their last inventory that day. They loaded it, skillfully, in...
  4. J

    Oscillating Multi-tools: What do you have? What's good? What's bad?

    The concord carpenter did a review of the cordless tools and had some good advice, I think. He said to get the one that you already have batteries for. They liked the Bosch and DeWalt the best with Milwaukee close but they were all good enough it doesn't make sense to switch battery platforms...
  5. J

    Oscillating Multi-tools: What do you have? What's good? What's bad?

    I have a pre star lock fein that lets me replace blades without tools. It is better than my other two and a DeWalt cordless I sometimes use volunteering at church. My other two are a HF and a Ryobi cordless. The DeWalt is the next best with the Ryobi the worst. But I still use it sometimes...
  6. J

    Finally did some woodworking today

    Roy, the wood may be different. My seat planks had things growing out of them but several were still fairly solid while others rotted completely through. The environment was the same yet the damage was quite different. I changed the Irwin blade to a new Freud 50 tooth combination and...
  7. J

    Finally did some woodworking today

    Thanks for your comments. I sat on it right after completion to be sure it was sturdy. I picked up some 3/4 plywood for some cabinets this morning. The boards for the seat are 1 inch thick and the back boards are 3/4. All the boards were originally 3/4. So it should be fine and so far it...
  8. J

    And more floating shelves

    No need to calculate what has already been tested. Thanks for the dimensions. If I understand, the top and the bottom of each shelf is 1/4 inch thick?
  9. J

    Breadboard ends

    Either will work but I would probably use a router. I don't love their noise or mess but I don't like manipulating big pieces on the table saw. I might use repeated cuts with my track saw to do the tenon on the top.
  10. J

    Quick little project

    Nice job!
  11. J

    Finally did some woodworking today

    I doubled the low spot drain in my driveway two weeks ago - tough part is taking out a strip of concrete. I cleaned up some water supply piping and tied in a drain for a utility sink last week. So two weeks with almost no woodworking. Today I decided to fix up an old bench that has been...
  12. J

    Dado set in EU

    Some of you may remember my one table saw accident was with a dado blade. It was my stupid decision to hold a small block of wood over the throat plate as I made the initial hole that was the issue, not the dado blade. Then I compounded the error by raising the block to look at the throat...
  13. J

    How to improve spray throughput? Floetrol additive, different product, or different equipment?

    I used to spray with a Wagner gun meant for low powered compressors like I have. It worked when everything was just right but I had to wait on the tank to refill a lot. Flotrol helped and works better than water in my opinion. The finish dries more normally but it sprays better. Then I got a...
  14. J

    Dust collection in a small shop

    It concerns me that you have health impacts from dusty environments. Do you have impacts if your outside in dust? Is it all dust that bothers you in other words? Bill Pentz recommends what he does because he has what I call extreme sensitivity. He has to use special filters in the HVAC in...
  15. J

    1ph vs 3ph

    I agree with Oka although I would say the benefits he cites for 3 phase are in my opinion minor. Most of us do not have 3 phase power available to our homes. But fortunately a 1 phase motor will still power our equipment just fine. 3 phase is in my opinion only for very large motors in...
  16. J

    Digital angle gage

    I bought this one based upon Stumpy Nubbs recomendation. It has a rechargeable battery. I haven't used it much but it seems to work fine...
  17. J

    Armoire For My Sister

    Very nice.
  18. J

    Kitchen Island: Completed!

    Looks Great!
  19. J

    New deck w/ screened porch & roof

    2x8 12 foot floor joists on 16 inch centers can support 40 lbs live plus 10 lbs dead load. Live load is you, dead load is the roof and furniture. 2x10s look like overkill. If you use wood flooring, 16 inch centers works but trex usually needs 12 inch - which would make the 2x8s overkill...
  20. J

    Chainsaw carb - rebuild or replace?

    I have an old McCullough I should fix. The last time I needed it I noticed the priming bulb had crumbled. I had a tree across the driveway so I cut off enough to get out with a hand saw and bought a battery operated one, a Ryobi 40V. It works fine for the little bit I do these days although...

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