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    Free - 1 sheet lp smartside 3/8

    Free sheet of lp smart side 3/8 siding, with 3x3 cut out on 1 corner. Located in Pittsboro.
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    Free Turning Tools

    3 gouges and a couple skews. All carbon steel. Some of the handles have splits. These came with a second hand lathe I purchased a few months ago. Pickup only. Located in Pittsboro.
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    Wynn Environmental - great customer service

    Just wanted to pass along a good customer service experience since they seem to be few and far between these days. I recently ordered a cartridge filter to upgrade my dust collector. The filter arrived damaged from shipping (it looked like a little bit of batting practice was had). I emailed...
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    Nicholson - English Workbench Build

    Hi all! Although I'm about one third into my workbench build, I thought I would take a few pictures and post em' here. After working for a few years on one of the oak slabs from Scott Smiths Roubo slab event, I've been itching for a longer, little wider bench - so I decided to build the...
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    Structural engineer near Greenville (NC)

    My wife and I recently moved from the Raleigh area out to Greenville and bought our first home (I finally have a garage to work in, and my wife is glad there are no more tools in the dining room). What appeared to be a dry wall patch during the inspection has reemerged as what might be signs of...
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    Did anyone else receive the wrong order from lee valley?

    And if so, was it a few saw files and some bed bolt covers? Seems out of four items ordered, I only received one correct item. If you're looking for drill bits, router bushings/bits, and incra rulers...I might have yours! I guess it's due to the "free shipping event" but this is my third order...
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    Recent Class at the Woodwrights School

    This past Sunday I attended the hand saw sharpening class with Bill Anderson at the Woodwright's School. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a great learning experience. One of the best parts was getting to meet some fellow woodworkers, some from NC and another from MD. Bill...

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