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  1. drw

    Kitchen Island: Completed!

    I am happy to post that I have completed the kitchen island! It took me two months, but it is done. You guys that do this kind of work on commission have my utmost respect, I am so slow clients would grow old waiting for me to complete the job. That said, while it did take me awhile to get it...
  2. drw

    Brand New Freud Dial-a-Width (SD 608) Dado Set...Outstanding Deal (SOLD)

    Okay, I have had this particular item for sale for awhile and unfortunately, it hasn't found a new home. The set is brand new (I paid $240), but it does not fit on my arbor...I own a SawStop and the arbor is too short. I am not sure why SawStop opted for a seemingly non-standard arbor length...
  3. drw

    Finish Question

    I am in the process of building a Kitchen Island. My wife wants the cabinet portion painted to match our baseboard/crown molding, which is sort of a creamy off-white. I could go the Sherwin Williams and get some enamel paint and be spot-on, but several of my fellow woodworking friends, whose...
  4. drw

    SawStop: Thank You!

    I am currently building a kitchen island, my wife is really excited about it, so I am trying to make it both functional and attractive. Today, while ripping some 8/4 ash, I managed to trigger the blade-break on my table saw. I have owned the saw for about twelve years and this is the first time...
  5. drw

    Confessions of a Woodworker

    I have been retired since 2010; I took up woodworking about two years prior to retirement. During this period I have managed to build a variety of different projects. Compared to when I started, my collection of tools has expanded significantly and my skills have evolved. I feel truly blessed...
  6. drw

    Craft Area Completed!

    I am very happy to say that I completed all of the components for our combined craft area. As a reminder, in previous posts I shared pics of the cantilevered countertop, floating shelves, and the paper storage cabinet needed for my wife's paper craft hobby. Yesterday, I completed two storage...
  7. drw

    Craft Center Update

    Since building and installing the countertop for the joint craft center that is shared by my wife and me, I have added some floating shelves (hers and his) at each end of the countertop work area and I built a paper storage cabinet for Adele's work materials. Next up will be two under-counter...
  8. drw

    Brand New Freud Dial-a-Width (SD 608) Dado Set

    I purchased this dado set several month back, but never needed it until today. I own a SawStop Cabinet Saw and unfortunately this particular set does not work on SawStop saws (arbor is too short). As I recall, I paid $240 for the set and would be willing to part with it for $150!
  9. drw

    Work Space for Hobby/Crafts

    When we first moved into our house, I spent a lot of time getting my shop functional. Now that I have made good progress on that front, my wife asked me to build a work area for my other hobby (building 18th century sailing ships from kits) and her paper-crafts hobby. As you can see in the...
  10. drw

    Glue-Up "Accident"

    While building the coffee table, which I recently posted, I experienced a situation that provided a lot of momentary anxiety, pain, and a little humor. I shared this experience with fellow-woodworkers during the recent Raleigh area shop crawl, but I thought others may identify with my story...
  11. drw

    Coffee Table: Update

    We moved the coffee table from the shop to its new home, our living room. Many of you commented on the table's unusual shape, and it is unique - but, this is what my wife wanted. It certainly would not work with a traditional sofa, but I think it works well with our sectional sofa. As to the...
  12. drw

    Photo Upload Problem

    Yesterday, I tried to upload photos to the site and couldn't do it. The photos were taken on my cell phone (which I have uploaded before without issue, but on this occasion I couldn't get the site to accept them). I noticed that the file label/name on cell phone pics looked like this...
  13. drw

    Coffee Table

    This project is one of my more ambitious to date. While the coffee table is not nearly as large as the pedestal table, with the coffee table employed more techniques that were new to me. The wood is quarter sawn white oak, but what is unique is the aprons under the top a bottom portions of the...
  14. drw

    Vibration/Cut-Off Problem with Grizzly 490X Jointer - Problem Solved

    My jointer is relatively new (13 months). Initially, I did have an issue with the fence staying square with the table whenever I moved the fence. Grizzly sent a new fence carriage that solved the problem. This morning, I had a new problem; when I started the machine, it vibrated terribly...
  15. drw

    Pedestal Table: Delivered---Final Post!

    I delivered the table to Jacksonville, FL this weekend. Despite having to drive through torrential rain (with the tailgate down!), I managed to wrap it well enough to keep it dry. I am delighted to say it is delivered, set up, and we even had dinner on it...and they lived happily ever after! THE...
  16. drw

    Pedestal Table: Completed!! Delivered: Final Post

    I finally put the last coat of finish on the table this weekend! Now all that remains is to get the table to my daughter's house in Jacksonville, FL. All things considered, I am very happy with the final result. I don't think I want to build another BIG project anytime soon (or ever, I am...
  17. drw

    Pedestal Table: Completed!

    I finally put the last coat of finish on the table this weekend! Now all that remains is to get the table to my daughter's house in Jacksonville, FL. All things considered, I am very happy with the final result. I don't think I want to build another BIG project anytime soon (or ever, I am...
  18. drw

    Is There a Rule of Thumb?

    I am currently in the process of building a pedestal table; the pedestals are complete so I'll soon be turning my attention to the tabletop, etc. My question has to do with positioning the pedestals. Is there some sort of rule of thumb as to the distance the pedestals should be from the ends of...
  19. drw

    Pedestal Table: Update

    It has been awhile since I posted anything regarding this built. As you can see, I am making progress. I have one pedestal completely wrapped in molding (the bullnose bit I was using chipped, a new one will arrive tomorrow and I can finish the second pedestal). All things considered, I am...
  20. drw

    Pedestal Table Build: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Several months ago my daughter asked if I would build her a pedestal table similar to one posted by Agrieco (Anthony). Ultimately it will be 96" long and 42" wide. I started the project in early June and have made reasonable progress. The feet and pedestals are taking shape. I laminated 8/4...

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