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    Boutique lumber yards?

    Does anyone know of anyplace in the Wake Forest area(50 mi. radius+/-) that can compare to E.Wake Hardwood. Thanx, Mike W.
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    Dust collection

    I'm putting together a dust collector with a 6" inlet and would like to use 6" drain and sewer pipe to run into my shop. It's only a 8/10 foot run from the collector to the hose connection. Does anybody out there know where to buy said pipe in the Raleigh/Wake forest area ? Thanx, Mike W.
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    Hexagon size???

    I would like to make a hex column that would be 11" side to side. How would I figure how wide to make each section? Thanks in advance, Mike W
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    drum sander advice ?

    Does anyone have thoughts on a benchtop drum sander.I'm not looking to sand table tops so I'm looking at the Performax 10" The price is right and portability is important, small shop of course. Thanx for any advice Mike W.
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    best way to oil figured maple ???

    Hello All, I just snagged a nice 12 " plank of tiger maple from Cap City Lumber and will be useing some of it for a small table top. I would like to keep it pretty light and really show it off with a wipe on oil. Any suggestions about useing dye then oil ? Thanks in advance, you guys have been...
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    Joinery for visable back of small chest .

    Thank you all who gave me suggestions on how to construct the back of a chest that would be visable in a mirror. I went with the beveled floating panel. It came out really nice, photo @ Mike W.
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    Small Box Joinery !

    Thank You all for your advice . Iwill try to make a floating raised panel, hopefully the 3/16 will give me enough meat to have it look right. I'm waiting for a couple of router bits from MLCS, maybe by the weekend and I can start machining and assembly. Thanx Again, Mike
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    Small box back joinery ???

    I am putting together a small [4 " high x 12" wide ] two drawer jewlery box out of Walnut and would like to finish the back with thin stock since it will be visable in a mirror . I have some 3/16 walnut Iwould like to use. My concern is with wood movement. Any suggestions on how to install the...

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