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    Harvey Bandsaw

    Stuart Kent was kind in letting me use one his bandsaws this morning. It was a Harvey. Not sure which model but it doesn't show up on their webpage, black with gold trim. If I remember correctly, Stuart got this saw 2 years ago and it was the first one to land in the US - almost a...
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    Bandsaw Help in Winterville Please

    I've moved out all of my machinery but before I did I managed to drill some plugs to patch a hardwood floor where a safe was mounted. With the bandsaw in another state, no worthy handsaws, no vise and no clamps, I'm needing about 2 mins on a bandsaw to release the plugs. Wood is Brazilian Koa...
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    More Cherry Burl

    Here's the next cherry burl. This one finished out about 15" in diameter. I got two cores out of it with the McNaughton. It was much easier to core than I expected. The cores were taken inside the big bark inclusion but it was close on the larger core. I'll post photos later of the cores...
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    Bradford Pear

    13" OD Bradford Pear bowl. The bowl was soak in 50% solution Ajax dishwashing liquid for 5 days thus the red tint. Finish sanded to 400 grit. Homemade grit wax applied and then topped with Osmo. Comments and critiques welcomed.
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    SOLD: Unisaw

    Selling my Unisaw with both extension wings and 52" Bieseymer fence. This was a complete restoration with new arbor, bearings, cabinet paint (inside and outside) and underside of table and wings painted. The Bieseymer has been powder coated, well cause I thought it was cool. The table...
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    93.5 inch bandsaw blades

    New, unused. Boxes beat up from setting on an open shelf. I no longer have the band saw. $35 for the pair, OBO. Pick-up in Greenville NC.
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    Recent turning, like today

    About 14" in diameter Some cherry burl: Kubota photobombed me! Found this in the dried pile. Turned last fall. Once turned pecan. Time for sanding. Wall thickness a little under 1/4". Shaped by nature: ~10" East to West and ~11" North to South. Looks much more oval than it measures, IMHO...
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    Trying not to pull the plug

    I try to run tools until they will not longer live. The batteries on my 20 yr old Makita 18V drill/driver are on their last legs. The driver's thingy that holds bits in place no longer holds bits in place - no biggie since it is not a daily user. Still, rather inconvenient. Discounting the...
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    From a large tree blown over in a storm on a farmstead in Farmville I, along with others harvested some bowl blanks. Emaliano Achaval from Maui gave me some materials that he brought with him to the 2019 AAW in Raleigh and said make pewas and send him pictures. Thought I'd share the photos...
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    Saw this

    Not mine. Not recommending. I've heard good things about this vendor. Doesn't appear that KW offers this package...
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    It's 2 pieces

    Spalted maple. Needs a finish. Suggestions?
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    Help Rebuilding martin(?) house and feeder

    My neighbor brought a bird house and a feeder to me today. Both are made from pine and octagon shaped. The pine boards are rotting. The builder gave him replacements but he asked if I would repair these. One has a raised seam copper roof. I digress. The octagons are made with bird's mouth...
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    Just left the blue box... Winterville NC. If you are looking for clamps some are in the tool section ($19), some are at the end of aisle 19 ($24).
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    Not endorsing. Don't own it. Yost F118 18" F-clamp, $9.99 on Amazon (Smile.
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    New drill bit design

    What do you think?
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    Latest Lighthouse

    Finished this Thanksgiving day with the anticipation I would be delivering it soon.
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    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    I have a friend wanting me to turn a piece of crepe myrtle. Anyone taking down an oversized bush or tree anytime soon?
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    Tool Story...How I Got My Original RAS

    Someone asked and I don't want to read a capstone project report. I'm sponsoring a team to rethink bowl sanding. I remember when my father purchased a DeWalt RAS from the Lazarus department store (Columbus OH) back in the 1960s. He built slopping front cabinets for the porch to kitchen...
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    Forum Access

    This should be in an "Off Topic" form but I didn't see it. The Mac OS (Catalina) updated tonight and now I can't log onto to the nor from Safari. I get the "This site is not private." error with the option of returning to the previous page or closing. This...
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    "This connection is not private..."

    While on a road trip and staying in a hotel I went onto the *.org version of the NCWW. Since then, every time I hit the "Home" button I get a warning that the connection is not private. Is this a Mac thing (for which I'm running out of patience. About ready to switch back to Windows machine)...

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