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  1. blazeman45

    HVLP Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on an HVLP that can spray latex as well as other thin finishes. I have several projects upcoming and it is time to upgrade to a quality system. Looking at the Graco TC Pro as well as Earlex systems. Open to suggestions from those who have a system.
  2. blazeman45

    ISO Laminate

    Need to redo the top on my out feed table and looking for a piece of laminate minimum 50” x 60”. Anyone have a piece laying around that you want to sale? Thanks Steve
  3. blazeman45

    6/4 Acacia

    Anyone know where I can buy 6/4 Acacia in the Greensboro area? Need about 10 BF.
  4. blazeman45

    WTB Air Cleaner

    Looking for a ceiling mounted air cleaner that is in good condition.
  5. blazeman45

    Violin Board

    It never ceases to amaze me what people request us to build! I loved building this one as it was for a music teacher! Cherry, walnut, & maple! She absolutely loved it!!
  6. blazeman45

    Optical Illusion Board

    My latest optical illusion project. It is all end grain built with Sapele, Hard Maple, and Paduak.
  7. blazeman45

    ISO CNC Owners

    I need a 14”x14” template cut from MDF on a CNC so that all four sides are exactly the same. Specifically the pattern is a Fire Dept Maltese Cross. If anyone can refer someone near Greensboro it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  8. blazeman45

    Looking at Sawstop... who has one?

    I’m seriously considering a new Sawstop table saw... aside from the obvious safety features, who has one and can give goods and bads on performance. I’m really curious about their claim on dust collection and the riving knife. I’m looking at the 3hp professional cabinet model. Thanks Steve
  9. blazeman45

    ISO Pipe Clamps

    Looking for 3/4” clamps... prefer Pony clamps. Do not need the pipes as I have plenty... let me know if you have any you want to part with. Thanks much!! Steve
  10. blazeman45

    ISO Benchtop Drill Press

    I have a friend of mine looking for a benchtop drill press in good shape. If anyone is considering selling one please let me know!! Thanks much, Steve
  11. blazeman45

    Iso pecan firewood

    Anyone know where I can I find pecan firewood in the Greensboro area for my smoker?
  12. blazeman45

    Bizarre Find

    I cut a piece of 8/4 walnut today and in the middle of the board I find a small circular piece of metal. I have yet to figure out how it got inside the board. There is not an external hole in the board And it is very soft like aluminum. You can see where the cut was made and the fact it was...
  13. blazeman45

    Who owns an edge belt sander????

    Looking to buy one and want to hear the good bad and ugly!
  14. blazeman45

    End Grain Violin Cutting Board

    Since starting my cutting board business last year I have received several orders for unique boards. However, this was the most enjoyable and unique one I have done yet. It is an end grain violin board. My client's wife is a music teacher and he wanted something special and just for her for...
  15. blazeman45

    Install of Byrd Head on Jet Jointer with Pics

    I finally pulled the trigger and installed a Byrd Shelix head on my 6" Jet jointer. First I removed the fence, rear access panel, and belt cover to access the belt and remove it. I removed the two bolts holding the head assembly. These are a little tight to access but take your time and...
  16. blazeman45

    Looking for someone who does vehicle / trailer graphics

    Any of you guys know someone or do business signs / graphics? Buying a new trailer for my business and need to get the graphics done. Not a big job but I would rather help a forum member or use someone recommended. Thanks much!! Steve
  17. blazeman45

    Shout Out to CPO Jet Tools

    I am a believer that customer service is a thing of the past. However, I was amazed at the amount of CS I received from CPO! I was in the market for a new planer and called them to see if they would price match another competitors discount. The gentleman I spoke with was excited / energetic and...
  18. blazeman45

    Powermatic or Grizzly Wide Belt Sander

    Anyone own a Powermatic or Grizzly wide belt sander? I'm going to order one soon and cannot make up my mind!!! I want a 25" but physically do not have the space... Looking at the PM open end 16" vs the Grizzly 18". I have worried about it until my head hurts!!! Have reached the end of my rope...
  19. blazeman45

    Looking For a small CNC to engrave wood

    Need advice: im looking for a small CNC engraver to engrave an area about the size of a business card. On a budget and need something that is user friendly as I am no computer guru!! Anyone own one or know enough to educate me? Steve
  20. blazeman45

    Engraving for Cutting Boards

    Looking for a company who can engrave or emboss the front edge of cutting boards with a name, phone number, and small business symbol for a client of mine. The total size will be slightly smaller than a business card. Thanks Steve

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