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  1. Splinter

    Custom Furniture Needed

    I was contacted by an aquaintance about a lady that is looking for someone to make some furniture for her. I don't know what she wants make. If someone here is interested in making custom furniture send me a PM and I will give you her name and # to call for the deatils.
  2. Splinter

    Wilmington Area Woodturners Assocaition (WAWA)

    For all those here that have slipped down the slope and have fell into the vortex and are looking for a Woodturning Club you are welcome to check out the Wilmington Area Woodturners Association (WAWA). We meet the second Saturday at 1PM in Leland (just outside of Wilmington). Four or more times...
  3. Splinter

    $2 Lathe Steady Rest

    This is a steady rest that I have about $2 invested in, plus some other materials I had onhand. I started the goblet in the photo last summer. But I really messed up and turned the stem before I realized I should have hollowed out the cup part first.:BangHead: :BangHead: So I needed a...
  4. Splinter

    Good Info on BS Blades

    I found this site while searching for info on BS blades. I found the info on the Timberwolf blade codes helpful - maybe someone else will also.
  5. Splinter

    Bay wood bowl blanks

    Recently I was cleaning up around edge of the fields on my farm with the backhoe and pushed what I tought was just an old dead tree down. The top was gone and with no limbs I assumed the entire trunk was probably rotten. When I pushed it over I realized about 10-12' of the trunk was solid. It...
  6. Splinter

    Two Completed Projects

    I haven't used the lathe much since Christmas because of a couple of flatwood projects. First project was two benches a neighbor hired me to make to use with an old farm table. He provided the wood that came from an old tobacco barn on the farm where he was raised. I hung tobacco in that barn...
  7. Splinter

    Old Tools on CL

    Mike Davis take alook at this -- Not mine
  8. Splinter

    Lathe Chuck on CL

    Might be a good deal. Not mine.
  9. Splinter

    Sharpening Lathe Chisels Podcast

    This is an interesting Podcast. It is 1:14 long.
  10. Splinter

    A Tipster in our group

    The latest issue of WOOD magazine has a tip from our own Alan in Little Washington. Congrats Alan. Nice tip.:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
  11. Splinter

    Homemade Lathe Chucks

    I recently made a Longworth Chuck and a "Donut" Chuck to hold bowls while cleaning up the tenon on the bottom. The Longworth is on the left and the donut is on the right. The donut chuck has two rings for different size bowls.
  12. Splinter

    Oak Burl - Before and After

    I found this piece of Oak Burl in an area near my house after the woods had been logged. It has been laying around the shop since December 2007 while I waited to get my nerve up to try and turn it. I wanted to turn it thinner but I believe it would have broke apart if I turn it much thinner...
  13. Splinter

    Before and After Lathe Upgrade

    I have just completed a lathe upgrade from a Delta Midi to a NOVA DVR XP. A good deal from Craft Supplies USA. $200 off lathe, free bed extension and free Super NOVA 3 chuck and threaded insert. Before - Delta Midi After little brother and big brother... NOVA DVR XP I haven't made any...
  14. Splinter

    Cosmoline or whatever it is ---- it is a mess

    How do I remove that grease that is commonly called "cosmoline" from a new power tool witout eating my skin off or burning the lining of my lungs out? MEK sounds like some BAD stuff. :tongue2:I read about something that is supposed to be kind to the user called SOLSAFE 245 but it is not a...
  15. Splinter

    Bowl & Goblet

    Finally finished a few turning projects today, that have been in the works for awhile. Magnolia Bowl River Birch Goblet
  16. Splinter

    NOVA DVR XP Lathe

    Does anyone on this forum own the NOVA DVR XP lathe?
  17. Splinter

    Turning Green Wood Bowls ?

    For those that do that "spinny thing", how do you store your rough turned green wood bowls to let them dry slowly? How thick do you leave the bowl? And how long do you store them before you do the finish turning?
  18. Splinter

    Air piping for shop

    After a recommendation by Woodguy1975 I decided to install this system in my new shop. I purchased the "Master Kit" and installed it. I was rather skeptical that the push on fitting would work without leaking air. I was wrong. They do not leak. The system is super easy to install. If you change...
  19. Splinter

    The Long Ranger III

    No not the Lone Ranger... Tonto's friend. This. I was working on a project today and using the remote control for The Long Ranger III to turn the DC on/off. I noticed that the control quit shutting it off. I pressed the OFF switch on the DC to shut it down. I check the battery in the remote...
  20. Splinter

    I have moved....

    ... into my new shop. Reference earlier thread. >> We began construction 9/29/08 and LOML and I moved my tools in about a two weeks ago and began hooking up the dust collecting system to them. I've never had such...

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