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    what kind of cherry

    The bottom picture is walnut
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    Veneer glue up failure

    Not sure what you are veneering, so this may not be applicable... For regular raw veneer I use about 45 - 60 min clamp (=vacuum) time. For wood veneers I find it much easier to use pre-mixed glue ; I use Joe Woodworkers Better Bond (Veneer Glues & Adhesives: A "Sticky" Category) and I never had...
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    That is a cool concept! I will definetly try to make some ( 3-D printed, machined from Al or some plastic). Thx for sharing the info... I used to subscribe to FW, but quit some years ago as there was nothing really novel or new. Maybe it is time to re-subscribe. Cheers, Bernhard
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    The Color of Screws

    Both screws appear electroplated: top one with zinc, bottom one with zinc chromate (yellowish color)
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    3D Printers

    1. What model do you have? Creality Ender 3 2. What do you like about it? Cheap and has decent reviews, first foray into 3-D printing and I did not want to spent a lot of money (this one came from banggood for less than $200) 3. What do you dislike about it? Basic unit, bed needed adjusting (as...
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    veneer sources

    Hi Steve, I have a boat load of cherry, walnut and maple veneer (probably about 5000 sqft) up to 11' lengths; also have some fiddleback anigre. If that is something you are looking for, pm me and we can take it from there. Bernhard
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    Edge sander recommendations

    I went through that last year, ended up buying a Grizzly G0564 oscillating edgesander (220V version). My selection criteria were : Must have oscillation, 3-5 hp, adjustable table, built-in dust ports and 36 in sanding length. There are only a couple of machines in this price range so that made...
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    Raleigh area machine shop

    Mark, If I understand correctly, your fence is out 12 thou over 3 feet. Not sure that is a problem. That seems to be quite good, wood will move more than that. Now if the fence is out of square only over the the width of the fence (5") that would be problem and should be correctably by...
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    Table saw blade warping

    Do you have a dial test indicator? You then can sweep the arber, flange with and w/o saw blade installed to track down the culprit. From the posts it appears that the flansh/back plate is not flat. Cheers, Bernhard
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    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Hi Mike, Well, if he plans to sell equipment, I am interested. Thx Bernhard
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    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Hey Roger, So where have you been? Bernhard
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    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Hi Jeff, Good to hear from you! Thx for the contact info Ricky, I will give him a call! Bernhard
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    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Thanks! I will try him. Cheers, Bernhard
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    Looking for pine, fir or cedar

    Need to build a bunch of bee hives (including frames), so I am looking for some 10" and 7" wide (finished width), 4/4 and some 6/4 rough cut boards. Longest piece is 20", so short stuff is fine. Lumber doesn't need to be fully dried, 15% MC or so is fine; it is going outdoors. Need to have...
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    What causes this?

    Probably contact with iron as others have noted. May want to try a bit of oxalic acid to remove. Usually does not happen with dried oak, was the lumber dried to below 8-9% MC? Cheers, Bernhard
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    Blum drawers

    I do not cut a notch, instead I just raise the saw blade when cutting the dado for the the drawer bottom for the back side. The drawer bottom is then glued/pinned/screwed/or whatever to the back. That method is also described in the Blum instruction pamphlet. Saves a bit of time Bernhard
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    Ultra-budget vacuum veneering.

    Not sure that will work. It will probably take to long to create a high enough vacuum with a bleeder hand pump and the glue may set up. I am veneering some stuff right now, so if you have just a couple of pieces, you are welcome to add them to the queue. Pm me if interested. Cheers, Bernhard
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    Cherry Veneer Wanted

    Got plenty of cherry, walnut and maple veneer. This is all raw veneer (NOT paper backed). Complete numbered flitches up to 20" wide and up to 11' long....and everything in between. Probably around 15,000 sqft. PM if you are interested. Cheers, Bernhard
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    Small 4 axis CNC recommendation

    Basically, 2.5 refers to a surface that projects into a 3rd dimension, it is 3 dimensional but limited as there are no overhanging structures possible. Therefore it is refered to 2.5D. I.e. you can carve a mountain, but you wouldn't able to carve a cave into the mountain in the x, y plane...
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    Small 4 axis CNC recommendation

    Hey Phil, Sorry, I told you something wrong: Shopbot actually does offer a 5-axis true 3-D machine. That is their newest offering. Sorry for the confusion. Bernhard

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